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Playlist Req. Artist Song Release Label
--- 12:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
kahil el zabar ritual trio feat. billy bang oof live at river east art center
* chris watson no man's land Storm TOUCH
dame darcy and the helpless suckling whelps little red riding hood
squirmbo pillow talk
erskine hawkins and his orchestra after hours
* radio zumbido el desierto Pequeno Transistor de Feria QUATERMASS
j.e. mainer's mountaineers if i lose let me lose Run Mountain
* p. g. six bless these blues Slightly Sorry DRAG CITY
jerry hahn and his quintet ara-be-in s/t
david tudor rainforest (version 1)
* brad dutz insulated potato wedges When Manatees Attack pfMENTUM
tod dockstader still aerial #2
malik flavors storm ugly beauty
--- 1:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
aston familyman barrett rebel am i familyman in dub
* tin hat dead season The Sad Machinery of Spring HANNIBAL/RYKODISC
the condors lei per la vita
james p. johnson runnin wild medley
* son house death letter blues Desperate Man Blues DUST-TO-DIGITAL
hijoh kaiden deschapelles coup
heiner goebbels herakles 2 ensemble modern
* one ensemble neither one thing Wayward the Fourth SECRET EYE
j. c. burris hold me tight blues professor
* do make say think in mind You, You're A History In Rust CONSTELLATION
lois vierk river beneath the river
if, bwana beauty and the beast
--- 2:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
trio borinquen si me quieres lamento borincano
* asha bhosle yeh dhuaan The Bombay Connection BOMBAY CONNECTION/NORMAL
illes nem erdekel, amit mondsk
arnold dreyblatt epilogue animal magnetism
* juggaknots never Use Your Confusion AMALGAM
taylor deupree and kenneth kirschner two post piano
v/a chacabamba parquecito
douglas quin marmosets caratinga: soundscapes from brazil's atlantic rainforest
* hecker precedence Recordings for Rephlex REPHLEX
dj rhettmatic collector's item
rebirth jazz band shake your booty
milford graves continuous conversations stories
duke reid caught you run rhythm run
rafael toral bodyjoya mix part 12, dreaming into the locked groove electric babyland
tatyos efendi gamzedeyim...
--- 3:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---