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Playlist Req. Artist Song Release Label
--- 3:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
Hinds Brothers Bass-Synth-Oscillation The Brilliant Sound Omni Sonic rec.
Lovelife Birds of Prey The rose he lied by TMU
* Adult. Good Deeds Why Bother? THRILL JOCKEY
Leadbelly Stewball Sings Folk Songs
Arab Strap The Shy Retirer Monday at Hug and Pint
* Peggy Honeywell Thief Green Mountain OHIO STAR MUSIC
Polmo Polpo acqua The science of breath
* Maher Shalal Hash Baz Joab L'Autre Cap K
James Carter & Cyrus Chestnut The Stevedor's Serenade Duets
* Aufgehoben Co Anima Messidor JUNIOR MEAT/HOLY MOUNTAIN
--- 4:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
Susumo Yokota Love Bird Grinning Cat
Beat Happening Teenage Caveman You Turn Me On k
* Secret Mommy Kool Aid River Plays ACHE
(H) Nath Family 02 Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer Hanson
Livehuman 2AM Elefish Jellyphant
Mississippi John Hurt creole belle Best of
* Tussle Warning Telescope Mind SMALLTOWN SUPERSOUND
Robert Petway Catfish Blues Mississippi Blues vol.3
* Deerhunter octet Cryptograms KRANKY
Johnny Cash Next In Line Original Sun Singles 55-58
Aoki takamasa & Tujiko Noriko Vinyl Words 28
--- 5:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
The Normal T.V.O.D. Warm Leatherette
Tadd Mullinix Divided by lines Winking makes a face
* Lesbians on Ecstasy Sisters in the struggle We Know You Know ALIEN8
Earl Hooker two bugs and a roach two bugs and a roach
* Catherine Howe It's Not Likely What a Beautiful Place NUMERO GROUP
Pulseprogramming Stylophone Purrrs and mannerist Blossoms tulsa for one second
Wire Kidney Bingos A bell is a cup
* Eats Tapes Lemon Drop Dos Mutantes TIGERBEAT6
The Jerry Dallman and The Knightcaps The Bug