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--- 9:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Arthur Russell you have done the right thing when you put that skylight in springfield
Arthur Russell Instrumentals A First Thought Best Thought
Arthur Russell You can make me feel bad
dinosaur L go bang
Arthur Russell Soon To Be Innocent Fun Lets See
arthur russell That's us/wild combination
Loose Joints is it all over my face
arthur russell Instrumentals D First Thought Best Thought
Arthur Russell springfield
--- 10:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
arthur russell lets go swimming
peter zummo includes free information experimenting with household chemicals
arthur russell in the light of the miracle/ a little lost
arthur russell kiss me again
arthur russell on the platform on the ocean
--- 11:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
ar corn #3
ar you and me both
lola wax the van
ar being it world of echo
ar get around to it
ar hiding your present from you (2 versions)
dinosaur l track 4 24-24 music
arthur russell arm around you
ar instrumentals B
loose joints tell you today
ar make 1,2
peter gabriel? solsbury hill