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Playlist Req. Artist Song Release Label
--- 8:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Islaja Pysahtyneet Planeetat Ulual Yyy -
* Tom Recchion Underwater Girls Sweetly Doing Nothing SCHOOLMAP
Growing Onanon Vision Swim Troubleman
* Metalux & John Wiese Track 2 Exoteric LOAD
Karen Thomas Puritan Extreme Music From Women Susan Lawly
Sissy Spacek TRACKS ? ? ? S/T -
* Nath Family Track 2 Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer HANSON
Alvarius B Track 3 Burmese Military Mandolin -
* Avey Tare and Kria Brekken Lay Lay Off, Faselam Pullhair Rubeye PAW TRACKS
Dewayne Slightweight Track 09 Your Burrow Runs Deeper Than Your Blade -
* Joseph & Cleoma B. Flacon Valse qui me porte en terre Schultze Gets the Blues OST NORMAL/QDK MEDIA
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti So Glad Lover Boy -
No-Neck Blues Band & Embryo Five Grams of the Widow EmbryoNNCK Staubgold
Excepter Be Beyond Me KA Fusetron