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Playlist Req. Artist Song Release Label
--- 7:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
black dice treetops creature comforts
henry flynt #6 purified by the flame
* Lubos Fiser dense smoke Valerie and Her Week of Wonders OST FINDERS KEEPERS/B-MUSIC
arthur russell home away from home
jason forrest an event the unrelenting songs of the 1979 post disco crash
ecstatic sunshine wave chop
silver apples i have known love
* Officerfishdumplings manbitalahraar Finds Your Way Home NOTENUF
fog #3 fog
* Steve Reid and Kieran Hebden brain Tongues DOMINO
susumo yakota beans
JOMF hey! mr sky
* Stephen Vitiello frontier Listening to Donald Judd SUB ROSA
t. hecker hello detroit my love is rotton to the core
--- 8:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
express rising comfortable with failure
* Avey Tare and Kria Brekken layoff, faselam Pullhair Rubeye PAW TRACKS
nick garrie close your eyes
gal costa meu nome e gal
fennesz laguna
* Dan Deacon wham city Spiderman of the Rings CARPARK
keith fullerton whitman modena
the one ensemble the venerable eleventh melody wayward ensemble
* Gwigwi Mrwebi lily express Mbaqanga Songs HONEST JON'S
* Gorge Trio/Uske Orchestra Billlling-Billllong Divorce6 Split 7" ACHE
Fursaxa Poppy Opera
--- 9:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Gui Boratto [INSIDE TRACK] Chromophobia KOMPAKT
--- 10:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Karin Krog Mr. Joy Mr. Joy (1968)
* Sugarplum Fairies polyester poetry Country International Records STARFISH
Rosy Parlane a.c.u. getxo (2001) sigma editions
Stanley Cowell Earthly Heavens Brilliant Corners (1969) Arista/Freedom
* Spiritualaires of Hurtsboro, Alabama I'm on my way to heaven anyhow Singing Songs of Praise CASEQUARTER
The Lyres Not Like the Other One On Fyre (1982) Ace of Hearts
Trends of Culture Off & On Trendz (1993)
Tangerine Dream asche zu asche (ashes to ashes) Electronic Meditation (1976) Virgin
* Gudrun Gut pleasuretrain I Put A Record On MONIKA
Louvin Brothers I wish it had been a dream V/A Hillbilly Music...thank God Capitol
Billie Davis Nobody's Home to Go Home To Tell Him - the Decca Years
* Fleetwood Mac Second Hand News Rumours
--- 11:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
His Name is Alive Bears King of Sweet (1993) Perdition Plastics
Da Bush Babees We Run Things (It's Like dat) 12" (1994) Reprise
Sonny Sharrock Portrait of Linda in Three Colors, All Black Black Woman (1969)
* Field Music A Gap Has Appeared Tones of Town MEMPHIS INDUSTRIES
Dennis Wilson Time Pacific Ocean Blue (1977)
Hail When you were good Kirk (1993) ReR
Global Goon Afterlife (spidermix) Afterlife EP (1997) Rephlex
Ranking Joe Queen Tell Weakheart Fadeaway (1978) Greensleeves
* Horseback The Golden Horn Impale Golden Horn HOLIDAYS FOR QUINCE/BURLY TIME
M:I:5 [titel 08] Ma▀stab 1:5 (1997) Profan
The Left Banke She May Call You Up Tonight A History of... Rhino
Mayo Thompson Horses Corky's Debt to His Father (1970)