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Playlist Req. Artist Song Release Label
--- 10:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Coach Fingers A Pine Bush Fantasy No Flies on Frank Locust
* Frog Eyes caravan breakers (they prey on the weak and old) Tears of the Valedictorian ABSOLUTELY KOSHER
Rhys Chatham Intro An Angel Moves Too Fast To See Radium
Frank Comstock Deep Night Project: Comstock - Music Outer Space Mr. Nobody
V/A Satiric Songs Tzigane, Tziganes! Musical Heritage Society
* Uke of Spaces Corners County For Triangle So Far on the Way CORLEONE
12 Cent Donkey Submerge Where There Are No Roads Gulcher
* Frank Zappa Inca Roads The Lost Episodes
* Super Chron Flight Brothers Panama Red Emergency Powers GREEN STREETS
Applebim Fead Soundboy Punisments Skull Disco
* Perceptionists Memorial Day Memorial Day 12" Def Jux
* Twink Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream Truckin' MULATTA
--- 11:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
KK Null/Z'qTrack 1ev Track 1 Artificial Life CIP
* Mindflayer Time Tunnel/Cosmic Crypt Chronoscape Collision Course Expedition to the Hairier Peaks CORLEONE
Kahimi Kare and the Olivia Tremor Control Do You Know the Time? Once Upon A Time
* Tom Recchion Jazz 10,000 ad Sweetly Doing Nothing SCHOOLMAP
David Schaeffer How To Look At Sculpture s/t
Jean Claude Chapuis Luminescence Gravikords, Whirlies and Pyrophones Ellipsis Arts
Pandit V.G. Jog Rag Rageshri Moment Records: A Collection Moment REcords
* Gia Dinh Ba Pho Hat Quan Ho: Ra Ngo Ma Trong Que Huong (Homeland) DUNYA/FELMAY
Saul Brody Saigon Warrior In Country: Folk Songs of Americans in the Vietnam War Flying Fish
* Un Deux Trois Everything That is Happening is Happening Lovers EP HOLIDAYS FOR QUINCE
Ms. John Soda track 2 Not and the Like
M. Ward Neptune's Net Post-War
Herbie Hancock Hang Up Your Hang Ups Man-Child