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WXYC Playlist Artist Song Release Label Request
--- 1:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
Ravel Bolero Minnesota Orchestra boxvox
Yuri Yamakov Jazz Horo Roma Variations Traditional Crossroads
Henry Flynt Left Ear Nova'billy Locust
* Natural Causes So It Goes S/T #2 SORRY STATE
* Cracked Vessel City of Hunched Shoulders No Path HIP KIDS
Radio Vietnam Message to the Age of Twenty Radio Vietnam Sublime Frequencies
* Hen Ogledd Ancient Data Bronze ALTVINYL
Nocturnal Emissions Punchobongo Collateral salvage Soleilmoon
* Look Like Control Mistress 09 MISTRESS
Schoolhouse Rock I'm Just A Bill Schoolhouse Rocks The Vote ABC *
* DAY & NIGHT Selected Tracks for Nacht Damonen ALIEN TRANSISTOR
* Anna Makirere Aue Te Aroa Tiare Avatea LITTLE AXE
START OF SHOW: DJ Ousted SIGNED ON at 12:00 AM (5/23/17)
END OF SHOW: The Funkmaster Fee Show SIGNED OFF at 11:59 PM (5/22/17)
END OF SHOW: The Funkmaster Fee Show SIGNED OFF at 11:59 PM (5/22/17)
--- 12:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* Tzusing Digital Properties Invincible East L.I.E.S.
Strunken White Raef Live from the 'XDU Lounge At
* DiezzD ft. Master P Elegance Couture Gao Rap: Hip Hop from Northern Mali SAHEL SOUNDS
Kris Kross I Missed the Bus Totally Krossed Out Columbia
Mixmaster Mike Davy DMX - One for the Treble Spin Psycle Moonshine
Nada Surf Concrete Bed The Weight Is a Gift Barsuk
* Concealed Blade Cruiser S/T BEACH IMPEDIMENT
DMZ Watch for Me Girl DMZ Sepia Tone
* Thundercat Tokyo Drunk BRAINFEEDER
Poor Righteous Teachers Rock Dis Funky Joint Rock Dis Funky Joint (Album Version) Profile
Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts Roly Poly Greatest Hits Collection S/R
Roots Manuva Witness Son of Soil Manuva Witness Big Dada
Scott Rosenburg vstprrppr Solo Improvisation Umbrella
* Ondatropica Caldo Parao Baile Bucanero SOUNDWAY
--- 11:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* On Filmore Truta Samba Happiness of Living NORTHERN-SPY
* Sothy Tawai (Shelter's Edit) Lam Seung!!!... Chansons Laotiennes AKUPHONE
BADBADNOTGOOD Cashmere IV Innovative Leisure
The Golden Arm Trio Treasure Hunt Why the Sea is Salt Shamrock
Hotel Motel Cut Off the Right Hand You Must Be Hard of Reading Hot Mot
* Saal Hardali 10 S/T BARBY BARC
Luc Ferrari From Page to the Grand Canyon Far-West News Blue Chopsticks
* Fabiano Do Nascimento Brasilerinho Tempo Dos Mestres NOW AGAIN
Lonnie Holley Earthly Things Just Before Music Dust to Digital
Pharoah Sanders Quartet Naima Crescent With Love Evidence
Knut Reiersrud Lamin Footwork Shanachie
Immortal Technique Bin Laden Remix Crescant with Love Evidence
* Dawn Richard LA Redemption LOCAL ACTION
Jungle Brothers Beedsona String Done By the Forces of Nature Warner Bros.
START OF SHOW: The Funkmaster Fee Show SIGNED ON at 10:06 PM (5/22/17)
END OF SHOW: Outside Track SIGNED OFF at 10:05 PM (5/22/17)
--- 10:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Dan Melchior Album Melpomene IDEA
START OF SHOW: Outside Track SIGNED ON at 9:05 PM (5/22/17)
END OF SHOW: DJ 05 Elantra SIGNED OFF at 9:04 PM (5/22/17)
--- 9:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Anthony Pasquarosa and John Moloney Astral Traveling My Pharaoh, My King FEEDING TUBE
Saffron Petra II Petra II 1080p
* Maurice McIntyre Humility in the Light of the Creator Spiritual Jazz Vol. 7: Islam JAZZMAN
Sampha Reverse Faults Process Young Turks
* Sothy Sothipong Kong Sawath Lam Seung!!!... Chansons Laotiennes AKUPHONE
Eye Untitled Eye . self-released
(H) Pacific Yew Nomtoc (((...Lamest Days)))) self-released
* Jorge Reyes & Antonio Zepeda Cana A La Izquierda Del Colibri EMOTIONAL RESCUE
Cellular Chaos James Baldwin Diamond Teeth Clenched Skin Graft Records (2016)
Massive Attack Scream Team Remix Teardrop Virgin
* Midori Takada Mr. Henri Rousseau's Dream Through the Looking Glass PALTO FLATS/WE RELEASE WHATEVER THE FUCK WE WANT
Opal Wintertime Early Recordings Vol 2 rough Trade (1989)
--- 8:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Norma Winstone Perkins Landing Edge of Time Argo (1972)
Ground Zero Yume No Hansyu Ground-Zero "Plays Standards" DIW
* Young Male How to Disappear in America How To Disappear in America WHITE MATERIAL
You'll Never Get to Heaven Shared Dreams Images self-released
* My Cat is an Alien & Jean-Marc Montera Voyage Spacio-sensoriel I Union of the Supreme Light STARLIGHT FURNITURE CO.
* Wicked Witch Under Your Spell Under Your Spell EM
Malcolm McLaren Punk it up Duck Rock Charisma (1983)
Nina Simone Compassion The Essential Nina Simone Vol. 2 RCA
Have a nice Life Emptiness Will Eat the witch The The Unnatrual World The Flenser
Purity ring Push PUll Another Eternity 4AD
Flying Lotus Until Colours Come Until the Quiet Comes Warp (2012)
* Victor Herrero Lila Astrolabio FEEDING TUBE
the Snuggalos Graveyard Blues Hocus Opus self-released
* Jantar Saint Margret of Antioch Panisperna MIE MUSIC
(H)Smagghe & Cross Carillion MA Often
* Tomutonttu Siunatut Jyvat Kevatjuhla ALTER
Ogre you Asshole Tomemotowa homely Jet Set(2011)
--- 7:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Andrew Hill Dedication Point of Departure Blue Note
Litku Klemetti Elama vain litaa Juna Kainuuseen Luova
Addriene Rich Divining into the wreck Poetry on Record: 98 Poets Read Their Work Shout!
* Hen Ogledd Beyond Beleif Bronze ALTVINYL
* Abdou El Omari Rajaat Laayoun Nuits D'Ete Avec Naima Samih RADIO MARTIKO
* Exotica Leech Musique Exotique #1 LA VIDA ES UN MUS
Death Grips Guillotine Ex Military Thrid World (2011)
START OF SHOW: DJ 05 Elantra SIGNED ON at 6:40 PM (5/22/17)
END OF SHOW: Richard! SIGNED OFF at 6:38 PM (5/22/17)
* El Is A Sound Of Joy An Earthquake Prediction Is Confirmed+Mangrove Recombination+Flood Map Magic Plus NO INDEX
--- 6:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* El Is A Sound Of Joy Breathe Easier + Northwest Passage + Flood Resurrection Plus NO INDEX
* On Fillmore Jornada Inteira Happiness of Living NORTHERN-SPY
... TramPolice
* Run the Jewels Call Ticketron RTJ3 (self-released)
Fucked Up Queen Of Hearts David Comes To Life Matador
April Wine You Could Have Been A Lady
Puffy Ami Yummi Brand New Days Love So Pure Epic
* WaqWaq Kingdom WaqWaq Dream Shinsekai JAHTARI
Negative Format Packet Filter (mostly as the bed for the talkset but used the last 1:30 to get us to...) Cipher Method Sector 9 Studios
* Clark Hoova Death Peak WARP
Steve Hillage Electrick Gypsies L Atlantic
--- 5:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Zoviet France Interference 1977
* Jorge Reyes & Antonio Zepeda A La Izquierda Del Colibri A La Izquierda Del Colibri EMOTIONAL RESCUE
John B. Secrets Grooverider Presents: The Prototype Years Columbia *
* Shackleton Twelve Shared Addictions Devotional Songs HONEST JON'S
Perth Drug Legend South Inch Posso Clubbers Guide To Craigie Resin
* Selebeyone Akap Selebeyone PI RECORDINGS
... ... Kenyan Songs & Strings
* G.S. Sultan Nonset Bluff Redundancy Suite PHINERY
--- 4:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Mats Gustaffson & Joachim Nordwall Marks Covered By Wet Cloth A Map of Guilt BOCIAN
The Machine Aurora Drie Elektrohasch Schallplatten
* Dan Melchior Urchin Born Under a Grey Sign MONOFONUS PRESS
Christal Methodists Satanism Pays Satanic Ritual Abuse
* Klein Marks Of Worship Lagata (self-released)
Shitmat Nasty Rabbit One Foot In The Rave Planet Mu
* Machinedrum White Crown Human Energy NINJA TUNE
The Pink Fairies Right On, Fight On What A Buncha Sweeties
* Smagghe & Cross Ostende Pt. 2 (midway thru it had the talkset and then on into the next...) Slowdiving MA OFFEN
--- 3:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
START OF SHOW: Richard! SIGNED ON at 3:10 PM (5/22/17)
END OF SHOW: the ORB SIGNED OFF at 3:03 PM (5/22/17)
Sapphire Slows Allegoria Allegoria Not Not Fun
Pulseprogramming Light Music 4 Airports-Esque Aesthetics
Pan Sonic Virta 1 (Current 1) Katodivaihe Blast First
Nuslux Absolum A Absolum 7" Ikuisuus/Lal Lal Lal
* Unknown Novaya Kalami Untitled BANK
* S. Candle Neg Flags Conditioned Reflex LEAVING
NGLY Service Cost HH2 S/T 12" LIES
* Kelly Moran Heliconia Bloodroot TELEGRAPHIC HEART
IBM Fingered Eat My Fuck +++
* Tomutonttu Harpusta/Tarjous Kevatjuhla ALTER
Moskitoo Wonder Particle Mitosis 12k
* Cracked Vessel Winter's Unsheathed Sword No Path HIP KIDS
--- 2:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Omar Souleyman Kaset Hanzal (Drinking From the Glass of Bitterness) Dabke 2020 (Folk And Pop Sounds of Syria) Sublime Frequencies
* Lazy Salon Title Lands Invisible Like Peace LZY_SLN
* Helen Money Radiate Become Zero THRILL JOCKEY
San Francisco Water Cooler Side B S/T KDVS Recordings
* Fabiano Do Nascimento Oya Nana Tempo Dos Mestres NOW AGAIN
* Faso Madol Mon Chanson Gao Rap: Hip Hop from Northern Mali SAHEL SOUNDS
Marc Baron 2010-2012 Hidden Tapes Potlatch
Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald Electric Dub Borderland Tresor
* Demdike Stare Airborne Latency Wonderland MODERN LOVE
Lone Once In a While (Sinden Mix) Once In a While 12" Werkdiscs
--- 1:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Huseyin Ertunc Trio The Creator Spaces Musiki HOLIDAYS
Jace Clayton Gay Guerrilla (Part II) The Julius Eastman Memory Depot New Amsterdam
* Selebeyone Hybrid Selebeyone PI RECORDINGS
Giusto Pio Motore Immobile Motore Immobile Cramps Records
* Ahmed Malek & Flako Tape 9 (Part 1) The Electronic Tapes HABIBI FUNK
Liquid Liquid Rubbermiro Liquid Liquid 99 Records
--- 12:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
START OF SHOW: the ORB SIGNED ON at 12:27 PM (5/22/17)
END OF SHOW: DJ Dad Rock SIGNED OFF at 12:27 PM (5/22/17)
* Wadada Leo Smith The Mississippi River: Dark and Deep Dreams Flow the River - A National Memorial Park c. 5000 BC America's National Parks CUNEIFORM
--- 2:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
--- 1:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
Jacob Kirkegaard Gaea Eldfjall Touch
START OF SHOW: DJ Dad Rock SIGNED ON at 12:09 AM (5/22/17)
END OF SHOW: DJ Stan SIGNED OFF at 12:08 AM (5/22/17)
END OF SHOW: DJ Stan SIGNED OFF at 12:08 AM (5/22/17)
Vercky's et l'Orchestre Veve Bassala Hot Congalese Funk, Afrobeat, and Psychedelic Rumba 1969-78 Analog Africa
Tito Rodriguez Descarga Cachao Nu Yorica Roots! Soul Jazz
--- 12:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* Victor Herrero Zarpar Astrolabio FEEDING TUBE
* King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Open Water Flying Microtonal Banana ATO
* Bary Center Let You In Just Dust NEW BODY TAPES