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WXYC Playlist Artist Song Release Label Request
Earl Sweatshirt Burgundy (feat. Frank Ocean) Doris Columbia
Stereolab Percolator Emperor Tomato Ketchup Elektra
(H) Johnny Noise Faster The Day Is Coming Siltbreeze
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers The Waiting Greatest Hits *
Bardo Pond Limerick Amanita Matador
--- 10:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Smoke Dawson Wild Goose Chase Fiddle TOMPKINS SQUARE
Amon Duul II Overheated Tiara Tanz der Lemminge Repertoire
* Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper Song for Charlie FRKWYS Vol. 11: Cantos de Lisboa RVNG INTL.
Grizzly Bear Fine For Now Veckatimest Warp
Ryley Walker The West Wind All Kinds of You Tompkins Square
* Harald Grosskopf While I'm Walking Oceanheart BUREAU-B
Zomby Mozaik Dedication 4AD
* United Waters Our Beat Sunburner BATHETIC
Yellow Swans Mass Mirage At All Ends Load
Amen Dunes White Child Love Sacred Bones
Paul Woznicki Tongue Depressor WOZ og-Ulterior
Donato Dozzy Vaporware 03 Plays Bee Mask Spectrum Spools
START OF SHOW: TCM SIGNED ON at 9:04 PM (10/1/14)
END OF SHOW: nicole/// SIGNED OFF at 9:03 PM (10/1/14)
--- 9:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
new musik warp (ILO edit) 12" pleasure international exports
* Nord side b NG Tapes P::C::P RECORDS
* Silent Lunch evaporated Late To Bloom (self-released)
* Nathan Golub dunnagan's loop Ellerbee River Blues GOOD FRIENDS, BEER AND RECORDS
Henry Flynt graduation graduation Superior Viaduct
* King Ayisoba Nabele Wine Wicked Leaders Makkum Records
suarasama Fajar di Atas Awan Fajar di Atas Awan drag city
Toby Dammit les and the boat the legend of apple jack hit thing
* Ital whispers in the dark Endgame PLANET MU
Finis Africae suite amazonica A Last Discovery: THe Essential Collection 1984-2001 em
--- 8:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
wicked witch fancy dancer (previously unreleased re-mix) Chaos: 1978-86 em
Surface when your ex wants you back 12" salsoul
* Bok Bok howard Your Charizmatic Self NIGHT SLUGS
* Kemialliset Ystävät nijura Alas Rattoisaa Virtaa DEKORDER
Baby Washington and the Hearts you needn't tell me i know the j&s years ace
bonita cantrell wait on the lord I Heard the Angels Singing: Electrifying Black Gospel from the Nashboro Label, 1951-1983 tompkins square
death the masks spiritual mental physical drag city
* Golden Pelicans hard to swallow S/T TOTAL PUNK
chrissy zebby tembo & ngozi family i've been losing my ancestors hummingbird songs
* Lionel Belasco's Orchestra Roses of Caracas Waltz Seven Skeletons Found in the Yard MISSISSIPPI
bessie smith and the sea island singers o'day Goodbye, Babylon Dust-to-Digital
* Girma Yifrashewa Elita Love & Peace UNSEEN WORLDS
laraaji space choir music of the spheres all saints
--- 7:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
START OF SHOW: nicole/// SIGNED ON at 7:05 PM (10/1/14)
END OF SHOW: SIGNED OFF at 7:03 PM (10/1/14)
B-Ball Joints Joint 1 B-Ball Joints Dog In the Night
Rude 66 Answers Always Come In Dreams The Kill Bordello A Parigi
* Naked Island Play It As It Lays Naked Island PEAK OIL
Gareth Williams + Marie Currie Generous Moon Flaming Tunes Blackest Ever Black
* Russian Tsarlag Turning White Dipped In Gel WASP VIDEO ROADHOUSE
Neil Young Powderfinger Rust Never Sleeps Reprise
* Silent Lunch Dead Meat Late To Bloom (self-released)
Private Vices Total Control V/A - Les 30 Plus Grands Succes du Punk Skydog
* Owen Maercks Intense Young Man Teenage Sex Therapist FEEDING TUBE
Thangmana Rasa Instrumental Music V/A - Fire Star: Synth-Pop & Electro-Funk from Tamil Films 1985-1989 Bombay Connection
Zwischenfall Sandy Eyes + +
--- 6:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Roomdance Catatonic Loving NVR Cry Out (self-released)
D.Z. Lectric / Anthon Shield Experimenting Love Lickin' Minimal Wave
Moebius and Plank Tollkuhn Material Sky
* Harald Grosskopf Pondicherry Dream Oceanheart BUREAU-B
Makina Girgir Homme Ridicule Torment La Forme Lente
* Severed Heads The Bladders of a One Thousand Bedion (excerpt) / Now an Explosive New Movie City Slab Horror MEDICAL
Emily Faryna Who Cares Tape Works 1984-90 Vinyl-On-Demand
The Poetics Silver Oranges of the Moon Remixes of Recordings 1977-83 Compound Annex
* Haves & Thirds Gather Round the Ground Print Is Dead TED RECORDS
Cultural Amnesia Dance Uncle of the Boot CS Datenverarbeitung
* Nord B2 NG Tapes P::C::P RECORDS
Further Reductions Spectacle Dissolved Further Reductions Cititrax
Kassem Mosse B4 Workshop 19 Workshop
--- 5:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
START OF SHOW: SIGNED ON at 4:57 PM (10/1/14)
END OF SHOW: quirk SIGNED OFF at 4:56 PM (10/1/14)
* Bok Bok funkiest (be yourself) Your Charizmatic Self NIGHT SLUGS
* Hildur Gudnadottir heyr himnasimour Saman TOUCH
people like us ever this is light music
jad fair & yo la tengo principal punishes students with bad impressions and tired jokes strange but true matador (1998)
pan ron no need to be ashame VA - cambodian rocks vol 3 khmer rocks (2004)
t-power vs mk ultra horny mutant jazz VA - give 'em enough dope, vol 2 micmac records (1995)
* Ital coagulate Endgame PLANET MU
pierre cavalli easy goin' the fantastic guitar sound of pierre cavalli joker (1973)
department of eagles the curious butterfly realizes he is beautiful the whitey on the moon uk ep isota records (2003)
the meters live wire second line strut charly (1980)
* Datashock her mit dem kelch, (das) hier muss es sein Keine Oase in Sicht DEKORDER
* Phork OOF High End NNA
Z aka bernard szajner dune visions of dune infine (2014)
* Zeitkratzer smashine (excerpt) + Keiji Haino KARLRECORDS
black monolith victims & hangmen black monolith all black recording company (2014)
melvins night goat 7 Amphetamine Reptile (1992)
--- 4:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Crime gangster funk Murder By Guitar SUPERIOR VIADUCT
* appleblim echos retreat Motion Blur EP AUS
geraldo pino & the heartbeats power to the people VA -clifton's corner vol 25
wadada leo smith hanabishi reflectativity tzadik (2000)
memphis black why don't you play the organ, man? VA -in the in-kraut 66-74 marina records (2005,1968)
* Son Palenque Azuca Y Limon Afro-Colombian Sound Modernizers PALENQUE
carolina twins gal of mine ttok my licker from me VA - gastonia gallop old hat records (2009,1929)
roger miller my mama used to love me but she died dear folks, sorry I haven't written lately CBS (1973)
* Girma Yifrashewa chewata Love & Peace UNSEEN WORLDS
nina simone revolution (parts 1 & 2) the essential vol 2 rca (1994,1969)
* Roomdance the fog show NVR Cry Out (self-released)
maxo x jonathan nice feelings shh003: maxo x jonathan secret songs (2014)
--- 3:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Copeland fit 1 Because I'm Worth It (self-released)
lambchop give it live at XX merge merge (2014)
* Terekke B1 S/T L.I.E.S.
electric wizard destroy those who love god time to die spinefarm records (2014)
* Edip Akbayram Deniz Ustu Kopurur S/T PHARAWAY SOUNDS
mission of burma weatherbox vs. ace of hearts (1982)
john weise & c. spencer yeh pink pyramid cincinnati dronedisco (2009)
* Russian Tsarlag mental figure Dipped In Gel WASP VIDEO ROADHOUSE
dr. alimantado best dressed chicken in town best dressed chicken in town greensleeves (2001,1977)
aphex twin circlont6a (syrobonkus mix) syro warp (2014)
* Delroy Edwards be happy Slowed Down Funk Vol. 1 L.A. CLUB RESOURCE
omoide hatoba cream beam mantako public bath (1994)
devo (I Can't get no) Satisfaction be stiff stiff records (1978)
mekons where were you? 7" fast product (1978)
* Owen Maercks little black egg Teenage Sex Therapist FEEDING TUBE
--- 2:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
START OF SHOW: quirk SIGNED ON at 2:05 PM (10/1/14)
END OF SHOW: DJ SIGNED OFF at 2:01 PM (10/1/14)
* Marquis Hawkes tunnel Maladaptive Brain Dysfunction CREME ORGANIZATION
* Darius Jones & Matthew Shipp 2,327,694,748 The Darkseid Recital AUM FIDELITY
kwaku kwaakye Obeng message afrijazz NOVA
Kelela keep it cool cut 4 me fade to mind
Takako Minekawa maxi on! maxi on! EMPEROR NORTON
* Gut and Irmler Parium 500m BUREAU-B
* Nightdrivers a2 Easy Life 12-inch CLAAP
eruption i cant stand the rain the disco years rhino
LexUs blue rasberry after ours
Pharoahe Monch agent orange (clean) Agent Orange (12 ") rawkus
Brandy I Wanna Be Down I Wanna Be Down 12 inch atlantic
* Midnightopera Five Five BIORHYTHM
--- 1:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Sharon Jones bump n touch 100% pure funk desco
Barbara Stant my mind holds on to yesterday ol' viginia soul part 2 ARCANIA INTERNATIONAL
Sroeng Santi Dub Fai Kui Gun V/A - Thai? Dai!: The Heavier Sound of the Luk Thung Underground B-Music/Finders Keepers
* The Dead Space lied Faker 12XU
David Whyte first track--mary oliver 1 the poetry of self compassion
* Dan Melchior tongues Slow Down Tiger STARLIGHT FURNITURE CO.
Les Sins bother` companmy record label
* Faster Detail Reflux Chance Cube HOT RELEASES
piipstjilling unkrud experimedia 2011 label sampler Experimedia
* Gruppo D'Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza Mirage S/T SUPERIOR VIADUCT
Sidi Toure a chacun sa chance Koima thrill jockey
Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang ro lungi En yay sah Luka Bop
START OF SHOW: DJ SIGNED ON at 12:10 PM (10/1/14)
END OF SHOW: DJ SIGNED OFF at 12:10 PM (10/1/14)
--- 12:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
musi-o-tinya musi-o-tunya give love to your children now again
* Bok Bok funkiest (be yourself) Your Charizmatic Self NIGHT SLUGS
* Kemialliset Ystävät naderbux & sundergrund Alas Rattoisaa Virtaa DEKORDER
jenny lewis aloha and the three johns the voyager warner brothers
* Girma Yifrashewa the shepherd with the flute Love & Peace UNSEEN WORLDS
lone ranger the answer studio one dj's trojan
* Tuff Sherm ion city Shrapnel Maestro MEROK
chrissy zebby tembo & ngozi family my ancestors my ancestors hummingbird songs
toots and the maytal it was written down scratchy sounds: ska, dub, roots 7 reggae nuggers trojan
* Bucking Mules sally johnson S/T (self-released)
adult plagued by fear why bother? thrill jockey
explosions in the sky a song for our fathers how strange, innocence temporary residence
midnight plus one catacombs midnight plus one self released
* The Flesh Eaters so long A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die SUPERIOR VIADUCT
mount kimbie mayor crooks and lovers hot flush
--- 11:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* Ratking so sick stories ft king krule So It Goes XL
errol dunklley stop your gun shooting scratchy sounds: ska, dub, roots 7 reggae nuggers trojan
* Silent Lunch evaporated Late To Bloom (self-released)
* Music Blues teach the children Things Haven't Gone Well THRILL JOCKEY
bonnie prince billy ain't you wealthy, ain't you wise master and everyone drag city
* Spider Bags walking bubble Frozen Letter MERGE
tom ze fliperama brazil 5: the hips of tradition luaka bop