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WXYC Playlist Artist Song Release Label Request
* Hiele Moisturizer Ritmische Beginning EKSTER
Frank Sinatra I've Got a Crush On You Frank Sinatra: The Early Years Columbia
* Sepalcure No Honey Folding Time HOTFLUSH
* Grount + Kabamix Starting around -9:50 and through to the end of the first track MIZUNOKUNI BROKEH VERSIONS
The Johnny Harris Orchestra Here Come the Boot V/A - Get Smarter: 60's Instrumental Grooves From Around the Globe Past & Present
* Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids Silent Days We Be All Africans STRUT
Blind Willie McTell Honey It Must Be Love Trying to Get Home Biograph
* Karl Blau Fallin' Rain Introducing Karl Blau BELLA UNION
Viet Cong March of Progress s/t Jagjaguwar
--- 3:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
START OF SHOW: DJ Stew-Beezy SIGNED ON at 3:00 AM (8/25/16)
END OF SHOW: Lady Laz SIGNED OFF at 2:58 AM (8/25/16)
* Perfume Advert Mirrorshield Big Gete Star 1080p
Chicago Afrobeat Project (A Warm) Global Warning Off the Grid EP CAbP
* Mulatu Astake Chifara Mulatu of Ethiopia WORTHY
Neil Young Harvest Moon Neil Young (Unplugged) Reprise
* Dalthom Side A (Excerpt) Frame Slip FEEDING TUBE
Clubhouse South Gate Inn Bifocal Media: Kampai Compilation Bifocal Media
* Jameszoo Flake Fool BRAINFEEDER
John White Little Boy Baker Mogwash Last Visible Dog
* Synth Sisters Silver Dust Aube 17853
Robert Johnson Come on in My Kitchen The Complete Recordings (Disc 1) Columbia
Frank Zappa Wolf Harbor II Dance Me This Zappa Records
--- 2:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* Mirrors for Psychic Warfare CNN WTZ S/T NEUROT
Jahiliyya Fields Ocean Mom Universal Hexagram L.I.E.S.
Ruth Anderson Points (1973-74) V/A - Women in Electronic Muisc (1977) Composers Recordings Inc.
* Mitski Happy Puberty 2 DEAD OCEANS
Angel Olsen Lights Out Burn Your Fire For No Witness Jagjaguwar
Voice of the Seven Woods Second Transition S/T Twisted Nerve/B-Music
* Dr. J.K. Sutherland Garib Hijaz Tacism Mid-Eastern Meditations CANARY
* TriAngular Bent Set 7 S/T OBFUSCATED RECORDS
Pharaoh and the Underground Asasumamehn Spiral Mercury Clean Feed
--- 1:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* J. Albert Dance Slow Dance Slow EP EXOTIC DANCE
Volcano Choir Tiderays Repave Jagjaguwar
* David Toop Ancestral Beings, Sightless By Their Own Dust Entities Inertias Faint Beings ROOM40
Le Thu Sao Bien (Etoile Des Neiges) (Starfish) V/A - Saigon Rock & Soul - Vietnamese Classic Tracks (1968-1974) Sublime Frequencies
Anna von Hausswolff En Ensam Vandrare The Miraculous City Slang/Pomperipossa
* The Avalanches Stepkids --> Saturday Night Inside Out Wildflower MODULAR/ASTRALWERKS
Moscoman Deluded Heart Devoue EP Renate Schallplatten
* Linear Movement Why Did You Have To Go The Linear Way MINIMAL WAVE
Edwin Starr War War & Peace Gordy *
* Roger Turner & Yukihiro Isso Side A (Excerpt) Takenehishigu OTO ROKU
White Fir Her Juniper Tea Lake Seeds Vol. 1: Whistling Lichen Morn Cabin Floor Esoterica
Ty Segall Girlfriend Melted Goner Records
--- 12:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
START OF SHOW: Lady Laz SIGNED ON at 11:50 PM (8/24/16)
END OF SHOW: Montys One Table at a Time SIGNED OFF at 11:49 PM (8/24/16)
* Michael Gatonska Shinrin-yoku (Forest Bathing) Harmonic Constellations NEW WORLD
Janet Jackson I Get Lonely I Get Lonely 12" Virgin (1998)
Vincent Floyd I Dream You Hardcore Traxx: Dance Mania Records 1986-1997 Strut (2014)
* Roy Davis Jr. / Modal I'm Tha DJ "I'm Tha DJ / Under Tha Sun / Lovers" 12-inch TECHNORAMA
Luciano & Francesco Tristano Amnesie V/A - Get Physical Presents: Body Language, Vol. 16 By Francesco Tristano Pi Recordings (2015)
* Foodman Ddance Ez Minkizou ORANGE MILK
* Linear Movement Eternality The Linear Way MINIMAL WAVE
Chet Faker No Diggity Thinking in Textures Downtown (2012)
* Steven Julien Carousel Fallen APRON
--- 11:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Nebraska Khan's bargain (Tom Noble remix) Soften the Wireless EP Heist (2016)
Mano Le Tough Ducks V/A - If This is House I Want My Money Back Vol. 3 Permanent Vacation (2014)
Hooverphonic 2Wicky 2Wicky 12" Epic (1996)
* Dave Douglas All The Pretty Horsepower Greenleaf Music GREENLEAF
* Sepalcure Loosen Up Folding Time HOTFLUSH
Roman Flugel In Your Wardrobe V/A - All Dial (2015)
* Madeto Voracious Culturizer Disco Mix "Voracious Culturilizer Disco Mix" 12-inch M.A.D.E.T.O.
Katsuya I Need Luv V/A - Brawther & Alixkun Present: Once Upon A Time in Japan... Les Disques Mystiques (2015)
Stefan Ringer Blow Up (Tape Dub) Blow Up 12" Black Catalogue (2015)
* Marquis Hawkes The Landsberger Funk Social Housing HOUNDSTOOTH
Bicep Carmine V/A - Musik for Autobahns II- Ambient Racecar Music Rush Hour (2015)
--- 10:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Dario Dell'Aere Eagles in the Night Eagles in the Night DARK ENTRIES
Marcello Giordani Stand By Respect Yourself Endless Flight (2013)
William Onyeabor Atomic Bomb Atomic Bomb Luaka Bop (2015; og Wilfilms 1978)
* Nurse With Wound That Leaking Putrid Underbelly / Noble Cause Corruption Dark Fat UNITED DIRTIER
* Jeff Zagers Smoke From Your Cigarette All for the Love of Sunshine WHARF CAT
Soul Capsule Lady Science (NYC Sunrise) Overcome 12" Trelik (2012; og 1999)
* 20 Below A Lil Tribute to the Moody Black Keys Selectors 001 DEKMANTEL
Parris Mitchell Computer (Remix) Life in the Underground Ghetto House Classics
* Synth Sisters I'm Calling You From Distance Aube 17853
--- 9:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
START OF SHOW: Montys One Table at a Time SIGNED ON at 9:06 PM (8/24/16)
END OF SHOW: DJ Jon Bong Jovi SIGNED OFF at 8:58 PM (8/24/16)
* The Kondi Band Belle Wahallah (Original Mix) Belle Wahallah EP STRUT
* Khun Narin Electric Phin Band Baisi Sukhusan II INNOVATIVE LEISURE
Dexter Johnson & Le Super Star de Dakar Angelitos Negros Live a l'Etoile Teranga Beat
* Psychic Mirrors Island Girl Nature of Evil COSMIC CHRONIC
Min There Sing and Blow At The Same Time Desolat
* Motor City Drum Ensemble Don't Mess With The Devil Selectors 001 DEKMANTEL
* Rhys Chatham WhiteChapel Pythagorean Dream FULLY ALTERED MEDIA
Lack Aphelion Expect Night Work Morphine
--- 8:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Super 3 Philosophy Rappin' Spree Boombox: Early Independent Hip Hop, Electro and Disco Rap 1979-82 SOUL JAZZ
* Elysia Crampton After Woman (for Bartolina Sisa) Demon City AMOEBA
Cruciamentum Part 6 Charnel Passages Profound Lore
* Boris Farewell Pink SARGENT HOUSE
Cornelius Clash Fantasma Matador
* Stian Westerhus Kings Never Sleep Amputation HOUSE OF MYTHOLOGY
The Vaccines Family Friend What did you expect? Columbia
* Lata Ramasar The Greatest Name That Lives (Alessandro Adriani Remix) "The Greatest Name That Lives" 12-inch (self-released)
Vince Staples Summertime Summertime '06 Def Jam
--- 7:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Andres Mighty Tribe "Mighty Tribe" 12-inch LA VIDA
* Altarage Graehence NIHL DOOMENTIA
Amanda Shankar Dancing Drums S/T Far Eastern Sunshine
* Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids We Be All Africans We Be All Africans STRUT
Tim Hecker Borderlands An Imaginary Country Kranky
* Valerio Tricoli I. The Hallowed Receiver Clonic Earth PAN
Henry Flynt Acoustic Hillbilly Jive Backporch Hillbilly Blues Volume 1 Locust
* Sepalcure Loosen Up Folding Time HOTFLUSH
START OF SHOW: DJ Jon Bong Jovi SIGNED ON at 6:06 PM (8/24/16)
END OF SHOW: afternoon snack leftover keesh lorraine SIGNED OFF at 6:06 PM (8/24/16)
--- 6:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Melodic Intersect Keys To Desire Looking Back AIMREC
Endah Laras & Dedek Gamelan Orchestra Gelang Alit S/T
* Sponge Bath Golden Light (Club Mix) "Golden Light" 12-inch TONE LOG
Mariah Shonen Utakata No Hibi Palto Flats
* Dalthom Newt t Frame Slip FEEDING TUBE
Colon on The Cob Underwater Fight to the Finish Eerie Bazaar: a taste of EERIE past, present and future
Mike Cooper Much-A-Fire Across Europe Light on A Wall Backwards
* Synth Sisters Silver Dust Aube 17853
dennis brown present prince Umoja Prince jammy
* Ogoya Nengo and the Dodo Women's Group Thoo Manonega On Mande TAL
--- 5:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Nurse With Wound That Leaking Putrid Underbelly / Noble Cause Corruption Dark Fat UNITED DIRTIER
Ohio Express Sweeter Than Sugar bubble Gum Greatest Hits
* Puce Mary The Temptation To Exist The Spiral POSH ISOLATION
Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble Wonder Xenogenesis Suite Firehouse
* Betty Davis Politician Man The Columbia Years 1968-1969 LIGHT IN THE ATTIC
Rafael Anton Irisarri Reprisal A Fragile Geography Room40
--- 4:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Sarah Davachi Soi-meme Comme la Matin Dominions JAZ RECORDS
* Hallelujah! / Holiday Inn Terror At The Post Office/You Are The Champion Split 7-inch MAPLE DEATH
Sao Paulo Underground Arnus Nusar Beija Flors Veiho E Sujo Cuneiform
* Foodman Jazz Ez Minkizou ORANGE MILK
Bahram Mansurov Mugam Humayun Azerbaijan: Azerbaijani Mugam Smithsonian Folkways
* Stian Westerhus Kings Never SLeep Amputation HOUSE OF MYTHOLOGY
Mandalay Marionettes Candle Light Dance The Magic of Burme: Mandalay Marionette Music Blueberry Buddha
Ranil & His Tropical Band Chinito Rulo Ranil's Jungle Party Masstropicas
--- 3:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
START OF SHOW: afternoon snack leftover keesh lorraine SIGNED ON at 3:03 PM (8/24/16)
END OF SHOW: slice of swiss cheese SIGNED OFF at 3:02 PM (8/24/16)
Natural Numbera Dub and Blind In Dub Stone's Throw
* Gilberto Gil & Caetano Veloso tropicalia Dois Amigos, Um Seculo de Musica: Multishow Live NONESUCH
Kay Hoffman Quot Sunt Horae Floret Silva Sommor
* Stian Westerhus Infectious Decay Amputation HOUSE OF MYTHOLOGY
Lack Emenice Grise Expect Night Work 12" Morphine
* Marquis Hawkes fantasy Social Housing HOUNDSTOOTH
Ulrich Schnauss I Take Comfort in Your Ignorance A Long Way to Fall Domino Recording
* Gonzo Dark Flip Dias Irae DISCREPANT
Witch Mountain Psycho Animundi Mobile of Angels Profound Lore
* Son of a Gun Co-Pay Son of a Gun EP LOFI SUPPLY
Phil Shoenfelt Garden of Eden Backwoods Crucifixion Paperhouse
--- 2:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Red River Dialect Appleseed awellupontheway Lono
* Karl Blau Thats How I Got to Memphis Introducing Karl Blau BELLA UNION
Prince Far I Johnny Get Worse Silver & Gold Blood and Fire
* Laura Allan Opening Up To You The Ladies of Too Slow to Disco HOW DO YOU ARE?
Sculpture Multi-faith Capsule Membrane Pop Software
* Prins Thomas E Principe Del Norte SMALLTOWN SUPERSOUND
Luomo Tessio (Stimming Dub) Tessio Great Stuff Recordings
* Jessy Lanza going somewhere Oh No HYPERDUB
Muslimgauze Kurdish Red Arabbox Soleilmoon
* Dalthom Newt t Frame Slip FEEDING TUBE
--- 1:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Various Artists Lam Barometer Radio Thailand: Transmissions from the Tropical Kingdom Sublime Frequencies
John Murtaugh Ramblin' Blues Current Polydor
* Rick Parker & Li Daiguo Posting Every 5 Minutes can Teach You How to Be Yourself Without Acting Free World Music VERY SPECIAL
DJ Katapila Lalokat Trotro Awesome Tapes from Africa
* Studio OST ITCZ Scenes 2012 - 2015 LUSTWERK MUSIC
Main Attrakionz Drips 808s & dark grapes II Vapor Records
* Modal Lovers "I'm Tha DJ / Under Tha Sun / Lovers" 12-inch TECHNORAMA
Pod Blotz How Many Times Can I Die? Other Conjunto Vacio
* Sumac Will To Reach What One Becomes THRILL JOCKEY