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WXYC Playlist Artist Song Release Label Request
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Black Water Up from Below community records
Pascal Comelade 24 Mila Baci September Song Les Disques de Soleil et De L'Acier
Segun Bucknor's Revolution Gbomojo Nigeria Afrobeat Special Soundway Records
* Hi Sheriffs of Blue Gossip Crowd, Loser's Line, Sweet Talk, My Big Vacation, Hate (excerpt) NYC 1980 FEEDING TUBE
* Big Joanie Dream No 9 Sistah Punk EP TUFF ENUFF
Horsebladder/Farewell My Concubine You Don't Have to Say After You/American Telepathic Scumbag Hot Releases
* Tony Allen Tiger's Skip Film of Life JAZZ VILLAGE
Boards of Canada Roygbiv Music Has the Right to Children Matador
* Bulbous Creation Got To the Sea You Won't Remember Dying NUMERO GROUP
* France Do Den Haag Church Pt. 1 Do Den Haag Church MENTAL GROOVE
Ofege In Concert The World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedelia in 1970's Nigeria Soundway Records
* Horse Lords Tent City Hidden Cities NNA
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John Zorn Movement I Rituals Tzadik
Ruth Draper A southern Girl at a Dance The Art of Ruth Draper Spoken Arts
Zhang Wei-liang Sorrow The Heavenly sound of Xiao Kiigo
* Afrikan Sciences Feel Circuitous PAN
Fiona Apple O' Sailor Extraordinary Machine Epic
* Ergo Phizmiz sunshine on a Rainy day Paleolithic Serenade: Live Recordings 2013-14 (self-released)
Tegan and Sara I Was Married The Con Sire
* Oberon Peggy A Midsummer Night's Dream SOMNOR
Vashti Bunyan Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind some Things Just stick in your mind dicristina
* Midnite Snaxx Pull Down the Shades "Don't Wake Me Up" 7-inch TOTAL PUNK
* Faster Detail Mind Meld Gear Scene GOOD FRIENDS, BEER AND RECORDS
Prince DGib's Ogninwe Ivory Coast Soul Hot Casa
Huey "Piano" Smith and the Clowns Don't You Just Know It New Orleans Party Classics Rhino
* Obnox Too Punk Shakur Boogalou Reed 12XU
Russ Song of the City Blues Sidewalk Prophets Triple X Records
South African Double Quartet Nab 'Abantu Besibiza (There are People Calling Us) We Shall Overcome Columbia
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Abas abass feat. Daby Africa Child Africa Raps Trikont
* Bal Pare Metamorphose Early Recordings MEDICAL
Googoosh Pishkesh S/T B-Music/Finders-Keepers
* Carter Tutti Watching You Carter Tutti Plays Chris & Cosey CONSPIRACY INTERNATIONAL
Hot Guts Small Brass Cage Edges Blind Prophet Records
* Caethua Am What I Am Red Moon BATHETIC
Bobbie Gentry Ode to Billie Joe Ode to Billie Joe Capitol Records
Malefya Teka Inde Iyeruzalem Ethiopiques Vol. 2 - Tetchawet Buda Musique
* Morgan Zarate Pusher Taker, feat Roses Gabar Hyperdub 10.2 HYPERDUB
Christine Baranski The Game Teh Dorothy Parker Audio Collection Caedmon
* James Ginzburg & Yair Elazar Glotman Nimbes (Eric Holme's 10/50 mix) Nimbes OST SUBTEXT
Horslips Flirting in the Shadows the Unfortunate Cup of Tea! Oats Moo 8
* Occult Orientated Crime Worship Me in the Sanctuary of Transcendence S/T NIGHTWIND
The Garcia Brothers San Juan Turtle Dance Talking Spirits Music of the World
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START OF SHOW: waterearth SIGNED ON at 2:59 AM (3/1/15)
Nona Hendrix Side A Inter-Chords CBS
William Lane Craig and Alex Rosenburg Is Faith in God Reasonable? Is Faith in God Reasonable? Biola University
* Else Marie Pade Aleland Electronic Works 1958-1995 IMPORTANT
* PRhyme Underground Kings S/T PRHYME RECORDS
Permanent Death Permanent Death Side Split Tape w/ Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium - Stench of Piss!!!/Untitled Ble-Pre-Erections Productions
E.R.P (S) Side A (Various Speeds) Alsoran Clone Records
Princess Army Wedding Combat Crystal Mover Untitled Self-released
* Paul Flaherty and Chris Corsano Side A (Various Speeds) Low Cost Space Flights FEEDING TUBE
* Kid Millions + Jim Sauter Side A (Various Speeds) Fountain FAMILY VINEYARD
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Mayhem Decay Cudgel The Scene is You! The Scene is You! F*** Music Productions
* Ergo Phizmiz I Wanna Be Your Dog Paleolithic Serenade: Live Recordings 2013-14 (self-released)
Heliogable X 3eme Demo Self-Released
* Bang! Bros. Whitehaus, Boston "12/12/12" 12-inch FEEDING TUBE
* Tony Allen Ewa Film of Life JAZZ VILLAGE
Jerome S. Bruner Inside the Psychologists Studio Inside the Psychologists Studio PsychologicalScience
Noise Session 93 Session 93 Extreme Delerium Records
Deviated Instinct Dancing in the Sunlight/Distance Tip of the Iceburg Demo Self-Released
* Cem Karaca Nem Kaldi Nem Kaldi? PHARAWAY SOUNDS
* Red Noise Cosmic Toilet Ditty Sarcelles-Locheres SOUFFLE CONTINU
Fear of God Side A/Side B Fear of God Temple of Love Records
pACKRATEN mINDKIND wAKE uP Split with Bizzare X Tapeworm Tapes
Paul Simon Side A (Various Speeds) Interview Show WB
Maturana and Von Foerster The Matrix that Embeds The Matrix that Embeds ascybernetics
Seven Minutes of Nausea Side A Demo 1986 Self-Released
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Sedem Minut Strachu Side A Split CS with Bienders Bringer of Gore
* Skemata Encroaching Skemata SORRY STATE
* Kammerflimmer Kollektief Evol Jam (Edit) Desarroi STAUBGOLD
Humberto Maturana Origin Symposium III Origin Symposium III ARS Electronica
* Oberon Peggy (excerpt) A Midsummer Night's Dream SOMNOR
Ernst von Glasersfeild A History of Cybernetics A History of Cybernetics Jude Lombardi
* Faster Detail Under Me Dome Gear Scene GOOD FRIENDS, BEER AND RECORDS
Jean Piaget Piaget on Piaget Piaget on Piaget Yale University Media Design Studios
Peter Cusack Teufelsburg, Cold War Revolution Teufelsburg, Cold War Revolution ReR
Unknown Bootleg wrestler breaks his leg and starts crying (ornicide remix) Bootleg wrestler breaks his leg and starts crying (ornicide remix) Do Ordie
* James Ginzburg & Yair Elazar Glotman Nimbes Nimbes OST SUBTEXT
Unknown Baby Cries from Shot (ornicide remix) Baby Cries from Shot (ornicide remix) PROTO0616
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END OF SHOW: Djach feat. AHC SIGNED OFF at 11:57 PM (2/28/15)
special guest AHC live DJ set + -
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special guest AHC live DJ set + -
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special guest AHC live DJ set + -
Elaine Radigue Etude Opus 17 Alga Marghen
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START OF SHOW: Djach feat. AHC SIGNED ON at 9:08 PM (2/28/15)
END OF SHOW: name this show public dj handle (optional) SIGNED OFF at 9:06 PM (2/28/15)
E.R.P (S) Irma Alsoran Clone Records
Vincent Raikhel Anther V/A - New Music from San Diego Carrier
* Seaside Houz Boyz Occult Mysteries of SF There Is No Authority But Your - 15 Years Creme Organization Part 1 CREME ORGANIZATION
Jackie De Shannon I Can Make It With You The Definitive Collection IR Imperial
* Cuntz Casual Drinker Here Come the Real Boys... CHUNKLET INDUSTRIES
Tetsu Inoue Dot Hack Psycho Acoustic TZADIK
* George Theodorakis Nicotine 2 Rules Of The Game INTO THE LIGHT
Low Medicine and Magazines / Laserbeam Things We Lost In The Fire Kranky
* Big Joanie Dream No 9 Sistah Punk EP TUFF ENUFF
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* Bliss Cry for Love The Best Arizona Garage Bands 1967-1970 HDM Records
Johann Sebastian Bach Brandunburgisches Koncert Nr. 6 in B-Dur 6 Brandenburg Concertos Archiv Production
Paperclip People Remake (Remix) V/A - Geology: A subjective history of planet e volume 1 planet e
* Michael Chapman The Polar Bear The Polar Bear BLAST FIRST
Chihei Hatakeyama Beside a Well Minima Moralia Kranky
* Aine O'Dwyer The Unkindness of Ravens Music For Church Cleaners Vol. I and II MIE MUSIC
George Harrison I Remember Jeep All Things Must Pass Apple
* Rae Sremmurd Up Like Trump Sremmlife INTERSCOPE
START OF SHOW: name this show public dj handle (optional) SIGNED ON at 7:07 PM (2/28/15)
END OF SHOW: Sponge SIGNED OFF at 7:01 PM (2/28/15)
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Jurg Frey/Radu Malfatti 1-1 II Erstwhile Records
* the Braz Gonsalves Seven Raga Rock Spiritual Jazz 5: The World JAZZMAN
Ex-Cult Ties You Up Midnight Passenger Goner Records
* Guardian Alien Statues and Instruments Tunnel Channel Volume 1 INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA
P.M. Pocket Music Pama Rum Kwan v/a: Shadow Music of Thailand Sublime Frequencies
Russian Tsarlag Open Casket Open Casket Hot Releases
* Tony Allen Boat Journey Film of Life JAZZ VILLAGE
The Field Sun and Ice From Here We Go Sublime Kompakt *
Blondes Bora Bora Swisher RVNG Intl.
* James Ginzburg & Yair Elazar Glotman Nimbes (Eric Holme's 10/50 mix) Nimbes OST SUBTEXT
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Lasse Marhaug & Nils Henrik Asheim Bordunal (excerpt) Grand Mutation Touch
Fatima Al Qadiri Shanzhai (for Shanzhai Biennial) Asiatisch Hyperdub
Bunwinkies Map of Our New Constellation Map of Our New Constellation Feeding Tube Records
Arto Lindsay Ridiculously Deep Encyclopedia of Arto Northern Spy
* Hama Tagout Torodi SAHELSOUNDS
* Cem Karaca Ihtarname Nem Kaldi? PHARAWAY SOUNDS
Heldon Le Retour Des Soucoupes Volantes Interface Superior Viaduct
Ignatz Weep Weep Weep Can I Go Home Now? Fonal Records
* Horse Lords Macaw Hidden Cities NNA
* Spongebath Neither Life Nor Death (S.I.C.A.) S/T GROVL TAPES
The Hellers And Now the News Singers, Talkers, Players, Swingers & Doers Fallout
Parva Mosem-e Gol V/A: Pomegranates B-Music
* Phil Yost Parabola for Owl Touchwood's Dream no label
START OF SHOW: Sponge SIGNED ON at 5:03 PM (2/28/15)
END OF SHOW: Watercolor Jazz SIGNED OFF at 5:02 PM (2/28/15)
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Michael White Pneuma Spirit Dance/Pneuma Impulse!
T++ Cropped Wireless Honest Jon's
* Reagenz Ge The Periodic Table THE BUNKER NEW YORK
Smallpeople Say What You Want to Say Salty Days Smallvile
Gary Wilson Dream(s) Forgotten Lovers Motel Records
Lynn Williams Don't be Surprised Eccentric Soul: The Outskirts of Deep City Numero Group
Black Tambourine For Ex-Lovers Only Complete Recordings Slumberland
* Obnox Ohio Boogalou Reed 12XU
Whatever Brains Drink the Salt S/T Sorry State
* Size Queen / Jane La Onda Buy, Buy, Buy The Spectacle / Buy Buy Buy FEEDING TUBE
Sore Eros Epic Peak Dada Damage: A Night People Compilation Night People
Fennesz Becs Becs Editions Mego
Amal Saha Daouini Ecstatic Music of the Jemaa El Fna Sublime Frequencies
* Maurizio Bianchi & Francisco Lopez KRM FL (excerpt) KRMN IMPORTANT
* Matthew Mullane Ink Shapes the Warped Hand Hut Variations VIN DU SELECT QUALITITE
--- 4:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Caethua Red Moon Red Moon BATHETIC
Suppression in the Third A1 S/T Ecstatic Peace!
Rutsubo Spectral Incubation Zakuro Omnimemento
* Occult Orientated Crime Natufian Modelling Agency S/T NIGHTWIND
Mano Le Tough Ducks If This is House I Want My Money Back Vol. 3 Permanent Vacation
Octo Octa Come Closer Between Two Selves 100% Silk
* Joey Bada$$ Big Dusty B4.DA.$$ PRO-ERA
Max Graef Running Rivers of the Red Planet Tartelet
* Garotas Suecas Bucolismo Feras Míticas VAMPISOUL
Jelly Babies Roller Skate Messthetics #107 DIY 78-81 London Hyped 2 Death
* Viet Cong Bunker Buster Viet Cong JAGJAGUWAR
--- 3:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---