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WXYC Playlist Artist Song Release Label Request
Doja Cat Beautiful Purrr!
* Phork Wrecked High End NNA
* Flesh Wounds Promo Side A--Assorted Cuts-- Flesh Wounds SNOT RELEASES
* Jorge Velez Adventuras Aventuras 12-inch CREME ORGANIZATION
The Cranberries Dreams everybofy else is doing it, so why can't we? Island Records
Johnny Cash Like The American V American
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START OF SHOW: DJ SIGNED ON at 12:01 AM (9/3/14)
END OF SHOW: bill b SIGNED OFF at 12:00 AM (9/3/14)
* Daniel Bachman and now i am born to die Orange County Serenade BATHETIC
* Weller those days are gone I (self-released)
lana del rey shades of cool ultraviolence polydor
* Greg Fox kardia II Mitral Transmission DATA GARDEN
it's a beautiful day white bird it's a beautiful day san francisco sound
tiny ruins me at the museum, you at the wintergardens brightly painted one arch hil
bb reading from 'the weight of words' by jeffrey ford
miou miou a l'ete de la saint martin 1968 lala grande finale minty fresh
dock boggs danville girl country blues 1927-29 revenant
* Smoke Dawson