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WXYC Playlist Artist Song Release Label Request
* Kobosil Haima RK2 RK
Irma Thomas I Need Your Love So Bad Time is on My Side Liberty Records
* Battle Trance Blade of Love Blade of Love NEW AMSTERDAM
Luke Vilbert Bend Over Musipal Ninja Tune
--- 9:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
START OF SHOW: DJ SIGNED ON at 9:15 AM (9/27/16)
END OF SHOW: blue cadet-3 SIGNED OFF at 9:15 AM (9/27/16)
Miles Davis Walkin' (Richard Carpenter) Tune Up Prestige Records
* Andres Mighty Tribe "Mighty Tribe" 12-inch LA VIDA
Stereolab Ping Pong Ping Pong RTM
* Car Seat Headrest Vincent Teens of Denial MATADOR
* Bernardino Femminielli Babylone Strabe Plaisirs Americains MIND/BETHLEHEM XXX
The Dentists She Dazzled Me With Basil dressed Homestead Records
Asha Bosle Ankhen Meri Maikhana Doob Doob O'Rama 2: more Filmsongs from Bollywood Normal Records
* Expo 70 hitherto Exquisite Lust SONIC MEDITATIONS
* Awanto 3 Star Butchers (Darling Edit) "Pregnant / Star Butchers" 12-inch DEKMANTEL
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START OF SHOW: blue cadet-3 SIGNED ON at 8:03 AM (9/27/16)
END OF SHOW: Nicky B SIGNED OFF at 8:02 AM (9/27/16)
* 75 Dollar Bill I'm Not Trying to Wake Up Wood/Metal/Plastic/Pattern/Rhythm/Rock THIS WRIST
* Karl Blau Fallin' Rain Introducing Karl Blau BELLA UNION
* Nathan Bowles Words Spoken Aloud Whole & Cloven PARADISE OF BACHELORS
Pavement Robyn Turns 26 At Home With The Groovebox Grand Royal
* Brave Radar Earth Control + Atmospheric Lion Head FIXTURE RECORDS
* Cube Favorite My Cube LEFT HAND PATH
* Car Seat Headrest Unforgiving Girl (She's Not An) Teens of Denial MATADOR
Frankie Laine Cool Water Hell Bent For Leather! Columbia
The Hollies What Am I Gonna Do A Crazy Steal Epic
* Arashi Blow of the Humpback Whale Sumikujira TROST
Unknown Wombat Bongo Guitar Kicksville Volume 2 Norton Records
* Error Massage Cheekbones Rooby CHOCOLATE MONK
David Arvedon Buckets of Water Only In America ARF ARF Productions
--- 7:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
John Hartford Once You've Had The Best You And Me At Home A Country Line/Flying Fish Records
* Katie Dey Fear of the Light + So You Pick Yourself Up Flood Network JOY VOID
* Joe Tossini and Friends Wild Dream Sky Girl EFFICIENT SPACE
* Teresa Rampazzi (excerpt) Immagini Per Diana Baylon (Side B) Immagini Per Diana Baylon DIE SCHACHTEL
* Angel Olsen Sister My Woman JAGJAGUWAR
Pyloric Waves Out To Lunch Pyloric Waves Detox
The Incredible String Band The Mad Hatter's Song The 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion Sundazed
* Andres Mighty Tribe "Mighty Tribe" 12-inch LA VIDA
Bobby Bare Learning To Live Again Biggest Hits Columbia
START OF SHOW: Nicky B SIGNED ON at 6:05 AM (9/27/16)
END OF SHOW: DJ Chooch (v. PJ) SIGNED OFF at 6:04 AM (9/27/16)
* Daniel Wyche William's Song Our Severed Sleep EH?
--- 6:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* Hallelujah! / Holiday Inn Terror At The Post Office -> You Are The Champion Split 7-inch MAPLE DEATH
The Residents Adventures of a Troubled Heart Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats?
Lyrics Born Balcony Beach Balcony Beach Solesides
* Kelsey Lu Morning After Coffee Church TRUE PANTHER
Bonnie Prince Billy No Captain Wolfroy Goes to Town Palace Records
START OF SHOW: DJ Chooch (v. PJ) SIGNED ON at 5:30 AM (9/27/16)
END OF SHOW: Richard! SIGNED OFF at 5:28 AM (9/27/16)
* Shiego Tankana Takusa Saimon (excerpt) Yumi Kagura EM
Conducted By Artis Kane Mars Attacks! (Main Titles) Brain In A Box: The Science Fiction Collection - Disc 1 Movie Themes Rhino
* Heron Oblivion Your Hollows S/T SUB POP
Georgina Dobson & Cupboard Simon The Message Misfits Vital
Christal Methodists Educating Pagans Satanic Ritual Abuse
* Christian Fennesz & Jim O'Rourke Wouldn't Wanna Be Swept Away (about half the tune, so roughly 10 minutes It's Hard For Me To Say I'm Sorry EDITIONS MEGO
--- 5:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* Elysia Crampton Demon City Demon City BREAK WORLD RECORDS
Dead Kennedys Holiday In Cambodia Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables Alternative Tentacles
broadcast radio samples from Cambodia Condoms and Condors Radio Phnom Penh
Lester 'Roadhog' Moran And The Cadillac Cowboys The Saturday Morning Radio Show No. 2 The Complete Lester 'Roadhog' Moran And The Cadillac Cowboys Mercury
* Error Massage Andromeda Rooby CHOCOLATE MONK
The Misunderstood Children Of The Sun Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts from the British Empire and Beyond 1964-1969 Vol. 2 Rhino
* Sons of Arqa Acid Tabla (Adrian Sherwood Mix) Acid Tabla EMOTIONAL RESCUE
* Michal Turtle Our Man in Phantoms of Dreamland MUSIC FROM MEMORY
--- 4:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* Driftmachine Lost Travelers Colliding Contours UMOR REX
actual insects in Southeast Asia, and other various fauna Brood X Broken Hearted Dragonflies: Insect Electronica from Southeast Asia Sublime Frequencies
Endless Boogie Executive Focus Focus Level No Quarter
* 75 Dollar Bill Cummins Falls Wood/Metal/Plastic/Pattern/Rhythm/Rock THIS WRIST
Ren & Stimpy Is Anyone Out There? Radio Daze Nickelodeon
START OF SHOW: Richard! SIGNED ON at 3:25 AM (9/27/16)
END OF SHOW: who you callin pinhead SIGNED OFF at 3:24 AM (9/27/16)
* Julius Eastman Femenine Femenine FROZEN REEDS
--- 3:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* Julius Eastman Femenine Femenine FROZEN REEDS
* G.H. Yorkshire fog Household Demigod MODERN LOVE
Chalachew Ashenafi & Ilita Band Hailoga The legendary Gondar Azmari Terp
* Beatrice Dillon & Rupert Clervaux The Same River Twice (excerpt) Two Changes PARALAXE EDITIONS
v/a-Sliped Disc Come On In MAN CHEST HAIR Finders Keepers/B-Music
* Sons of Arqa Acid Tabla Acid Tabla EMOTIONAL RESCUE
* Christian Fennesz & Jim O'Rourke I Just Want You to Stay It's Hard For Me To Say I'm Sorry EDITIONS MEGO
Mariah Shinzo No Tobira Utakata No Hibi Palto Flats
--- 2:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
LA Drivers Union Por Por Group Kpanglogo por por medley Por Por: Honk Horn Music of Ghana Smithsonian Folkways
* Paranoid London Buck Stoppin "We Come To Rock" 12-inch PARANOID LONDON
* Dalthom Derm/Fulj (excerpt) Frame Slip FEEDING TUBE
Willie Wright Right on for the Darkness Telling the Truth Numero Group
v/a-Robert Pete Williams When I Lay My Burden Down Angola Prison Spirituals Arhoolie
Tujiko Noriko Shayou (setting sun) Blurred in my Mirror Room40
* Angel Olsen Woman My Woman JAGJAGUWAR
The Staples Singers If you're ready (come go with me) Respect Yourself:The Best of the Staple Singers stax
Juana Molina Salvese quien pueda (four tet pretty remix) Salvese quien pueda 12-inch Domino
--- 1:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
Tom Carter Into The Out Of Long Time Underground Three Lobed and Divide By Zero Records
* Some of my best friends are canadian Feeling sheepish Sky Girl EFFICIENT SPACE
v/a-Peg Leg Howell Blood red river Which Way Does The Blood Red River Flow? Mississippi/Sutro Park
* Inter Gritty Talking trees Lost Boxes EP DEEP MOVES GERMANY
Gary Wilson Music for string bass Music for Piano Feeding Tube Records
The Claudia Quintet Just like him I, Claudia Cuniform
* YPY Bugs Groove Zuhrethm EM
Gino Washington I'll be around when you want me Out of this World Norton
Snuff Crew presents Snuffo Missing You (All the Time) Miss You (All The Time) EP Burek
* Steven Julien Jedi Fallen APRON
* Teresa Rampazzi Immagini Per Diana Baylon (Excerpt) Immagini Per Diana Baylon DIE SCHACHTEL
--- 12:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
START OF SHOW: who you callin pinhead SIGNED ON at 11:54 PM (9/26/16)
END OF SHOW: Rainbow Rhythms SIGNED OFF at 11:53 PM (9/26/16)
* The Dwarfs of East Agouza Baka of the Future Bes NAWA
* Ryley Walker The Halfwit in Me Golden Sings that Have Been Sung DEAD OCEANS
Sidi Toure Ir Wangarey Alafia Thrill Jockey
* Shiego Tankana Takusa Saimon (excerpt) Yumi Kagura EM
Kelompok Kampungan Berkata Indonesia Dari Yogyakarta Mencari Tuhan Strawberry Rain
Meatbodies Wahoo S/T In the Red
* Fried Egg Eggshells "Delirium" [7-inch] NEGATIVE JAZZ
Psychic Feline Non Dot White Walls 7" Water Wing
Ashrae Fax Fits and Starts Never Really Been Into It Mexican Summer
Dubkasm Beto's Yard Transformed in Dub Sufferah's Choice
* SeekersInternational CherylLinn LoversDedicationStation BROKEH VERSIONS
Aleck Karis Synchronisms No. 6 Music for Piano and Electronic Tape Composers Recordings Inc.
* Daniela Casa Ricerca Cromatica Arte Moderna FINDERS KEEPERS
--- 11:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Error Massage Dawnking Rooby CHOCOLATE MONK
Secret Keeper Night Light Super Eight Intakt
Lalgudi G. Jayraman Orajoopuju Violin Waves Felmay
* Ian William Craig An Ocean Only You Could See Centres 130701/FAT CAT
Illuha Diagram of the Physical Interpreation of Resonance Akari 12k
Mamman Sani Samari Da Ya Matan Unreleased Tapes, 1981-1984 Sahel Sounds
* Kai Alce Jelly Genesis Tracks Vol. 2 SISTRUM
Norman Nodge Beastmode Zehn/Eins Ostgut Ton
Sticky People Party Time (Paradox Stomp Mix) Party Time/ Kong Basement Boys Records
* Claude Rodap - Frigate Orchestra Opera Bambou Syn-Ka GRANIT
Earth, Roots, and Water Love the Same Old Way Innocent Youths Light in the Attic
The Chicago Underground Trio Munir e Salete Possible Cube Delmark
--- 10:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
START OF SHOW: Rainbow Rhythms SIGNED ON at 10:16 PM (9/26/16)
END OF SHOW: The Outside Track SIGNED OFF at 10:16 PM (9/26/16)
* Julius Eastman Outside Track: Full Album Femenine FROZEN REEDS
START OF SHOW: The Outside Track SIGNED ON at 9:02 PM (9/26/16)
END OF SHOW: scarrier SIGNED OFF at 8:59 PM (9/26/16)
--- 9:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* In Aeternam Vale 176 Pink Flamingos DEMENT3D
* Howls of Ebb Cabals of Molder Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Voys I, VOIDANGER
Dreamtime Slag Dreamtime Captcha/Cardinal Fuzz
* Matty Harris Cockapoo Army Double Septet pfMENTUM
* Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy Nayroz Darraje THE TRILOGY TAPES
* Marco Ciccotti Original Mistica Maxima MULTIPLE
Tarquin Manek Blackest Frypan Tarquin Magnet Blackest Ever Black
Yves Tumor Role in Creation Serpent Music PAN
Jonny Greenwood Mata Aini Kuru kara Ne Norwegian Wood Nonesuch *
* The Garbage & The Flowers Blue for You The Deep Niche GRAPEFRUIT
Spahn Ranch Lo & Behold Back to the Wood Dais
The Scientists Murderess in a Purple Dress Weird Love Karbon
Junior Delgado Away with the Fussing and Fighting Original Guerilla Music Sound Boy/On-U
--- 8:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Afous 'dAfous Tarhanine Tegla "Tarahine Tegla" 7-inch SAHEL SOUNDS
Tommy McGee Come On Postive - Negative Numero Group
* Brave Radar Castle Mixer Lion Head FIXTURE RECORDS
Alex Kubetin Rider Yee-Haw! The Other Side of Country Normal
The Happy Jawbone Family Band Sometimes it Takes a City to Really Feel Alone The Complete Hotel Double Tragedy Feeding Tube Records
Iancu Dumitrescu Apogeum (1972) Medium III Editions Modern
* Bobby Kapp & Matthew Shipp Snow Storm Coming Cactus NORTHERN-SPY
Hieroglyphic Being The Way of the Tree of Life The Disco's Of Imhotep Technicolour
Rene Roussel Caramel Cosmic Machine Because
* Dalthom Newt t (excerpt) Frame Slip FEEDING TUBE
* Damaskin Last True Rebellion Our Shadows Will Walk NEW BODY TAPES
Soh Daiko Nimba/Matsuri Daiko Taiko Drum Ensemble Lyrichord
--- 7:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
START OF SHOW: scarrier SIGNED ON at 6:57 PM (9/26/16)
END OF SHOW: raymar SIGNED OFF at 6:57 PM (9/26/16)