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WXYC Playlist Artist Song Release Label Request
Shabazz Palaces Free Press and Curl Live at KEXP Sub Pop *
* Jamie XX Gosh In Colour YOUNG TURKS
Wooden Shjips Home West Thrill Jockey
* ausmuteants I Wanna Sedate You S/T 7-inch TOTAL PUNK
Ty Segall The Singer Manipulator Drag City
--- 5:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
James Plotkin and Paal Nilssen Love The Skin, the colour Death Rattle Rune Grammofon
* Secret Boyfriend Little Jammy Center They're Playing Themselves GROVL TAPES
Rasputina The Olde Headboard (Glittered Mix) The Olde Headboard Columbia
* KJOFOL Caractere Numineux "Brutal Instinct" 12-inch YGROK
Umberto Dead Silent Morning Confrontations Not Not Fun
* Sagan Youth Surface Cela BREAK WORLD RECORDS
Clap!Clap! Kuj Yato Tayi Bebba Black Acre
* heavy allison experience This is Our Love Story The Chicago Party NUMERO GROUP
Tender Games Make You Believe Tender Games suol
Rob Swift Interview with a Colored Man (radio edit) Interview with a colored man Ablist
* Capeech Cappuccino Something Galacticstar Hip Hop ELITE ELEPHANTS
--- 4:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Tyler the Creator Sandwitches feat Hodgy Beats Yonkers Single XL
Lizzo Bloodlines Lizzobangers Totally Gross National Product
Maximillion Dunbar Woo House of Woo RVNG Intl.
Torn Hawk Mark of the Hound Tarifa LIES
* TL0741 Interference Circulation HC3 MUSIC
Mamman Sani Alfarey Taaritt Sahel sounds
* Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe and Ariel Kalma Gongmo Kalma Lowe FRKWYS Vol. 12: We Know Each Other Somehow RVNG INTL.
Pocahaunted Save Yourself (It's Nice) Make it real Not Not Fun
* Circuit des Yuex Guitar Knife In Plain Speech THRILL JOCKEY
Psychic Reality Fanta Vibrant New Age Not Not Fun
* Jaki Liebezeit & Holger Mertin StuckFluegel Aksak STAUBGOLD
V/A Bra ta Neul Ethnic Minority Music Of Northeast Cambodia Sublime Frequencies
* Tashi Dorji Vast Air Appa BATHETIC
--- 3:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
START OF SHOW: DJ Chardonnay SIGNED ON at 3:04 PM (6/30/15)
END OF SHOW: Losers' Lounge SIGNED OFF at 3:03 PM (6/30/15)
Pulse Emitter Europa Crater Lake Immune Recordings
Eric Leonardson/Yashurio Otani Execution Place v/a: Winter Construction Dead CEO
* Gradient Iteration 8 Dub Iterations GREYSCALE
Aidan Baker/Richard Baker Variations on Loop A (excerpt) Variations on a Loop Broken Spine
* AWOTT Beach In Father's Name You Have Reached Your Destination FEEDING TUBE
Holly Hunt Meano Prometheus 12" Other Electricities
* Christian D'orbit Drive Me Crazy "The Scandalizer / Drive Me Crazy" 7-inch WINDIAN
Reverend Charlie Jackson This Old Building God's Got It: The Legendary Booker and Jackson Singles CaseQuarter
* 75 Dollar Bill Cuttin' Out Wooden Bag OTHER MUSIC
* Devin and Gary Behind the Sunglass Go Outside! FEEDING TUBE
David Kauffman Kiss Another Day Goodbye v/a: Wayfaring Strangers: Lonesome Heroes Numero Group
--- 2:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Ndikho Kaba & The Natives Shwabada (excerpt) s/t Matsuli Music
Cantwell, Gomez, and Jordan And Spaghetti Half-Finished Bobcat self-released
* Super Flu Jo Gurt (DJ Koze Remix) Reincarnations Pt. 2-The Remix Chapter 2009-2014 PAMPA
* Ariel Kalma Magick Creek (excerpt) Open Like A Flute BLACK SWEAT
Jacky Chalard Interligne 2 je suis vivant, mais j'ai peur de gilbert deflez B-Music/Finders Keepers
* Holly Herndon Morning Sun Platform 4AD
Kosmonaut Beach Orange Deep Distance
(with) (*L) Stephanie Lak Germaine Free #98B3E (excerpt) Free #98B3E self-released
Chris Watson Lencten (excerpt) In St. Cuthbert's Time Touch
* Reshaft Four Stroke Decon COMFORT ZONE
Almayehu Eshete Betchayen tegodahu v/a: Ethiopiques Vol. 8: Swinging Addis Buda Musique
* Sexteto Electronico Moderno Gin Tonic Sounds From The Elegant World: Groovy Night Club Music From Uruguay (1968-71) VAMPISOUL
--- 1:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Peggy's Leg Just Another Journey v/a: The Psychedelic Salvage Company Volumes 1 & 2 Past & Present
Fushitsusha Magic VIII Allegorical Misunderstanding Avant
* Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld With the Dark Hug of Time Never Were The Way She Was CONSTELLATION
Virgo Four Sex Resurrection Rush Hour
* Sound Stream Sweep Magic Bass Affairs 12-inch SOUND STREAM
* The Supreme Jubilees Do You Believe It'll All Be Over LIGHT IN THE ATTIC
Beyaz Kelebekler Esmerim v/a: Turkish Freakout: Psych-Folk Singles 1969-1980 Bouzouki Joe
(*H) Algarnas Tradgard 5/4 Framtiden Ar Ett Svavande Skepp, Forankrat I Forntiden Subliminal Sounds
Sly & Robbie Smoothie Blackwood Dub Groove Attack
--- 12:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
START OF SHOW: Losers' Lounge SIGNED ON at 12:14 PM (6/30/15)
END OF SHOW: emily's thing SIGNED OFF at 12:08 PM (6/30/15)
* Matt Tolfrey all about you ft. kevin knapp (vox) Dance Like There's No One Watching EP OF UNSOUND MIND
Rampue Insensible RMX Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 3 Audiolith
* Sagan Youth Ice Cavern II Cela BREAK WORLD RECORDS
Heart Magic Man The Virgin Suicides Soundtrack emperor norton
jaz Klash The Finale Thru The Haze
* Kamasi Washington Re Run Home The Epic BRAINFEEDER
Quincy Jones If I Ever Lose This Heaven Body Heat A&M Records
* The Supreme Jubilees We'll Understand It'll All Be Over LIGHT IN THE ATTIC
--- 11:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* Terence Fixmer Pallid Light Depth Charged CLR
* Villages beginnings in dust Procession Acts BATHETIC
lilac shadows occidental oceans no dark/no light
* Joshua Abrams Lore Magnetoception EREMITE
Lijadu Sisters Come & Dance afro-beat soul sisters: the lijadu sisters at afrodisia, nigeria 1976-79 soul jazz
Tadd Dameron Bula-Beige Fontainebleau PRESTIGE/BLUESVILLE
Xiu Xiu Stupid in the Dark Angel Guts: Red Classroom Polyvinyl Records
--- 10:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* 45 ACP the bridge Change Of Tone L.I.E.S.
* Glenn Phillips the flu Lost At Sea FEEDING TUBE
Faiz Ali Faiz Allah Hu The New Qawwali Voice` World Village/Harmonia Mundi
* MIDIval Punditz Laagee Light SIX DEGREES
75 Dollar Bill cuttin' out Wooden Bag Other Music Recording Co.
Pauline Oliveros something else w/ poem, To The Abyss by Sarah Bufkin no mo Pogus
* Holly Herndon Morning Sun Platform 4AD
Henry Flynt and the Insurrections Missionary Stew I Dont Wanna Locust
START OF SHOW: emily's thing SIGNED ON at 9:02 AM (6/30/15)
END OF SHOW: dj dragonwagon SIGNED OFF at 8:59 AM (6/30/15)
--- 9:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* Moussou T E Lei Jovents dans ma petite calanque Opérette MANIVETTE RECORDS
temples sun structures sun structures fat possum
* Chris Brokaw do you really want to know what that means? do you really want to know what that means? The Periscope Twins 12XU
cocteau twins pearly dewdrops drops pink opaque 4AD
rude buddha lion claws lion claws Green Triangle Records
METZ knife in the water METZ sub pop
* Profligate finding the floor Finding the Floor NOT NOT FUN
elizabeth cotten/marisa anderson untitled split 7" KBOO
* Sexteto Electronico Moderno i say a little prayer Sounds From The Elegant World: Groovy Night Club Music From Uruguay (1968-71) VAMPISOUL
--- 8:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* Jose Prates/Mieco Askanasy nanu imboro Tam...Tam...Tam...! TRUNK
sea wolf the rose captain leaves in the river dangerbird
* Florian Wittenburg Aleatoric Inspiration I Aleatoric Inspiration NURNICHTNUR
ear pwr dancin boots we less than three frequeNC
* Capeech Cappuccino something Galacticstar Hip Hop ELITE ELEPHANTS
neil sedaka & elton john bad blood greatest hits rocket record company
* the new testament band say yes The Chicago Party NUMERO GROUP
* Secret Boyfriend little jammy center They're Playing Themselves GROVL TAPES
sagor & swing landet bortom landet bortom/ bortom landet bortom landet bortom botvid greenlunds park hapna
--- 7:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* Ariel Kalma magick creek (excerpt) Open Like A Flute BLACK SWEAT
kelela bank head cut 4 me fade to mind
* Sagan Youth ice cavern II Cela BREAK WORLD RECORDS
* Colleen holding horses Captain of None THRILL JOCKEY
sacred harp make for me a way apparitions at the kenmore plantation self-released
sean mccann happenstance Accessory Works to Music For Private Ensemble recital
sweetie sweats spells cambium hot releases
* V/A hazda epeme I Music of Tanzania SUBLIME FREQUENCIES
START OF SHOW: dj dragonwagon SIGNED ON at 6:26 AM (6/30/15)
END OF SHOW: DJ COCO SIGNED OFF at 6:26 AM (6/30/15)
godspeed you! black emperor blaise bailey finnegan III (excerpt) slow riot for new zero canada kranky
--- 6:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
Daniel Lancois Transmitter Shine Anti, Inc
Yuka Honda Humming Song eucademix Tzadik
Ghazal Fire in My Heart Moon Rise Over the Silk Road Shanachie
* Chui Wan Silence S/T MAYBE MARS
Julian Curwin Libertango Tango Saloon Ipecac
* Svengalisghost Frenquency Is Time Untitled RUSSIAN TORRENT VERSIONS
* Villages Act Two: Out of the Mines Procession Acts BATHETIC
--- 5:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* Daniel Bachman Won't You Cross Over to That Other Shore River THREE LOBED
Furio Di Castri Unknown Voyage Unknown Voyage Felmay
* 75 Dollar Bill cuttin' out Wooden Bag OTHER MUSIC
Miho Hatori a Song for Kids Ecdysis Rykodisc
KT Tunstall Black Horse adn Cherry Tree Eye to the Telescope Relentless
* Natural Causes A4 S/T SNOT RELEASES
* HEads Chewing on Kittens S/T THIS CHARMING MAN
Meiko Kaji The Flower of Carnage Kill Bill Vol. 1 Soundtrack maverick Recordings
* Earl Zinger Jeanie Vol. 2 EARL ZINGER & DON ROGALL
* the Coneheads 1982 L.P.1. ERSTE THEKE TONTRAEGER
* HOlly Herdon New Ways to Love Platform 4AD
--- 4:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* barbara monk feldman Soft Horizon Soft Horizons NEW WORLD
the Supremes In and Out of Love Motown motown records
* Reshaft Doyle Decon COMFORT ZONE
* Anandar Shankar Dawn Ananda Shankar and His Music FAR EASTERN SUNSHINE
* Florian Wittenburg Aleatoric Inspiration I Aleatoric Inspiration NURNICHTNUR
Earth Ouroboros Is Broken Hibernarculum Southern Lord
* Slugbug Control Untitled L.I.E.S.
--- 3:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
Schffeild/Reppie Variations for Harp Variation Elevator Bath
Arrington de Dionyso Pluto de Capricorn (I See Beyond the Black Sun) K
Octo Octa Take me to the Dark More Times EP Running Back
John Pilger Marxism Lecture 2012 Marxism Lecture 2012 Socialist Alternitive
Waldren/Stapleton/Sigmarsson/Haynes/Faulhaber A Botomless Black Eye The Sleepuing Moustache Helen Scarsdale Agency
The Cherry Point & At Jennie Richie Untitled Untitled
--- 2:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
--- 1:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
Richard D Wolf Chris and Openings: Introduction to Marxism Chris and Openings: Introduction to Marxism The Brecht Forum
Pokhran-II Daughters Blood Demo Self-Released
NJ9842 II Untitled Unreleased