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--- 9:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
START OF SHOW: Inside Track: Mark Ernestus' Ndagga Rhythm Force - Yermande SIGNED ON at 9:03 PM (12/9/16)
END OF SHOW: Indium SIGNED OFF at 9:02 PM (12/9/16)
* Tashi Dorji & Tyler Damon Kudzu Wave Both Will Escape FAMILY VINEYARD
Hildur Gudnadottir Hey Himnasmidur Saman Touch
Chris Forsyth & the Solar Motel Band High Castle Rock The Rarity of Experience No Quarter
* Terry Allen New Delhi Freight Train Lubbock (On Everything) PARADISE OF BACHELORS
* Toner Pleasant Dreams "Passing Glance" [7-inch] DIGITAL REGRESS
Sin Motivo Sintomas El Desierto Not Normal Tapes
Latisha's Skull Drawing Romanticized Romanticized Iron Lung
Catherine Jauniaux/eRikm L'echafaudage Echoue I Mals Des Ardents/Pantoneon Mikroton
Roche CG Vision A Night at the Hac 100% Silk
* Shinichi Atobe World 4 Worlds DDS
--- 8:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Murray CY Slow Spasm Conformist L.I.E.S.
* Carla dal Forno Fast Moving Cars You Know What It's Like BLACKEST EVER BLACK
Spires That In The Sunset Rise Beasts in the Garden Beasts in the Garden alt.vinyl
Joan La Barbara Cathing Tapesong Arc Light Editions
Annie O'Dwyer The Little Lord of Misrule Music For Church Cleaners Vol. 1 & 2 MIE
* Marielle V Jakobson Star Core Star Core THRILL JOCKEY
Sainkho Namtchylak Ritual Virtuality Stepmother City Ponderosa Music & Art
* S. Job Organization My Friend Freedom Anthem PMG
Trophies A Color Photo of the Horse A Color Photo of the Horse D.S. al Coda
* Eola And I Know Dang LEAVING
Strike Gentrify This Wood, Wire & Sparks Monotype
Frode Halti Aldo Clementi (1925-2011) Vagabond Blu Hubro
--- 7:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Moodymann Ulooklykeicecreaminsummertyme Moodymann KDJ
* Midori Hirano Night Traveling Minor Planet SONIC PIECES
* Les Gracies Compoly Low Doses FIRECRACKER
A Tribe Called Quest The Space Program We Got It From Here...Thank You 4 Your Service Epic
Young Disciples Co. Crumbs from the Table Eccentric Soul: The Young Disciples Numero Group
Mor Thiam Ayo Ayo Nene Dini Safarrar Jazzman
Cloud One Dust to Dust Atmosphere Strut P&P Records
* Rodrigo Campos Velho Amarelo Desconstrucao: A Portrait of Sao Paulo's Musical Scene GOMA GRINGA DISCOS
Anthony Williams Echo Spring Blue Note
Ausculation Promise You'll Haunt Me L'etreinte Imaginaire 100% Silk
Chris Watson Los Mochis El Train Fantasma Touch To
--- 6:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
START OF SHOW: Indium SIGNED ON at 6:02 PM (12/9/16)
END OF SHOW: Enthalpea SIGNED OFF at 5:59 PM (12/9/16)
Aiobahn & Yunomi Makuramoto ni Ghost ORIGINAL
Estelle Gotcha Love True Romance
Mija & Vindata Better
Pastor Perito Honey (You Are All That I want) Pastor Perito EP
Tokyo Wanderer Hey Future Society
Fieva C4ndyL4nd C4NDYL4ND
Mega Bunneh QR Shine
FIBRE 810 810
Chrome Sparks Marijuana
CHSTR. Bulma Briefs II The Bulma tape
Jenceno Neon (Yitaku Remix) Neon EP
Blank Banshee JUNO MEGA
Dan Mason Splash!! Summer Love
Oddisee After Thoughts
?? Slow Daze Disco ??
New Coke Love Orchestra 20XX Atarashi Kookusu
Sambrais Windy Mantra Holographe
--- 5:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Tom Misch & Carmody So Close (Wild Culture Remix) Out To Sea
Mystery Skulls Freaking Out Ultra Rare Vol. 1
Syllabus Condominium Living ANNIVERSARY VOL. 1
Sasakure.UK Love Blossoming Flower ft. Mirto The Fantastic Reality of Aesop
Mean Sorgan Terminated Mean Pack of Newports
Aiobahn & Yunomi Makuramoto ni Ghost (Tomggg Remix) Makuramoto ni Ghost
Nosaj Thing (ft. Chance the Rapper) Cold Stares Fated
Jenceno Neon (LoneMoon Remix) Neon Ep
FIBRE Seraphine 810
? Fukuroo(Jamvvis)
Nosaj Thing x Pretty Lights Ethereal (DJ Sona) League of Legends OST
Pretty Lights Keep Em Bouncing Passing By Behind Your Eyes
Crossing Bridges Family of Foxes AirTravel
--- 4:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Discandy Secksu Flavored Summer
Liontale Warmbodied The Letgo EP
Matthew Clive Knowitall WHY CAN'T YOU BE NORMAL
Novaj Aes YaMa ichi
Jhameel (ft. Blue Satellite) Relapse Middle Class Remixes
Jenceno Arcadia Arcadia
Kool Summer SUMMER BREEZE coolworx
Pastor Perito Dubap Pastor Perito EP
SalVation AlienLifeForm My16s
WDRW LoveNpeace TIMV(ThisIsMyVibe)
Jenceno Neon (Sefaro Remix) Neon EP
mariotti Bootleg//Tsukasa//Replica High Fashion
START OF SHOW: Enthalpea SIGNED ON at 3:04 PM (12/9/16)
--- 3:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
START OF SHOW: Zim Zebow SIGNED ON at 3:04 PM (12/9/16)
END OF SHOW: Draqula SIGNED OFF at 3:03 PM (12/9/16)
* Awalom Gebremariam Malegaanya Desdes AWESOME TAPES FROM AFRICA
* Davidians Ole Smokey -> Boiled Nephilim City Trends SORRY STATE
LA Vampires/Zola Jesus Bone is Bloodstone -> In the Discreet LA Vampires Meets Zola Jesus Not Not Fun
* Chaos in the CBD Observe 2 "Invisible Spectrum" [12-inch] RHYTHM SECTION
Link Wray Fire and Brimstone Country Funk: 1969-1975 Light in the Attic
* Eola Someone's Got A Secret Dang LEAVING
* Ras_G Auset vs. Mary or Lilith The Gospel of the God Spell STREET CORNER
Melissa Manchester Night Creatures Ma+hema+ics MCA Records
* Yves Tumor Broke In (feat.Oxhy) Serpent Music PAN
* Hiram and Direct Love Flight "Turn It Around/Love Flight" [7-inch] SOL DISCOS
LCD Soundsystem On Repeat LCD Soundsystem DFA
--- 2:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
Sister Nancy Jah Have the Handle V/A - Version City Rockers: Darker Roots Antifaz
* Suburban Homes I-Phone Suicide -> Cul-De-Sac Are Bored EP TOTAL PUNK
MDC Metal Devil Cokes Metal Devil Cokes Uncommon
After the Fire Der Kommissar New Wave Hits of the 80's vol. 14 Rhino
* Alpha 606 Defection Afro-Cuban Electronics INTERDIMENSIONAL TRANSMISSIONS
Sorrow Illusion of Freedom At Death's Door II Roadrunner Records
TV On The Radio The Wrong Way Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes Touch and Go
* Derek Rogers Whispered, Spoken Silence is Being Substituted GLISTENING EXAMPLES
Daniel Johnston Walking the Cow V/A - Songs in the Key of Z WHICH
* Violence Creeps The Future's Rigged -> Scent The Gift of Music TOTAL PUNK
Larry Collins Flying Fingers V/A Rockin' at Town Hall Interstate Music Ltd.
* Darby & Tarlton Traveling Yodel Blues S/T MISSISSIPPI
--- 1:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
* Darby & Tarlton Weaver's Blues S/T MISSISSIPPI
* Glorias Navales Richie Cofradia Naudica KYE
New Age Steppers Fade Away Massive Hits Vol. 1 DNu Sound
Popul Vuh Vuh Aquirre Tempel *
* Jefre Cantu-Ledesma Love's Refrain In Summer GEOGRAPHIC NORTH
The Ink Spots That Cat is High V/A: Drug Songs 1917-1944 Trikont
* Sam Shalib & Alan Bishop Tamara Mother Of All Sinner (Puppet on a String) UNROCK
Gil Scott Heron The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Evolution (And Flashback): The Very Best of Gil Scott-Heron BMG
Major Lazer Feat. Amber Coffman Get Free (feat. Amber of Dirty Projectors) Free the Universe Secretly Canadian
--- 12:00 PM BREAKPOINT ---
START OF SHOW: Draqula SIGNED ON at 11:51 AM (12/9/16)
END OF SHOW: Moonman SIGNED OFF at 11:51 AM (12/9/16)
(L) Ben Bennett and John Collins Mccormick More Than Perfect
* Kobosil Lyse RK2 RK
* Steve Hauschildt A False Seeming Strands KRANKY
* Derek Rogers The Weight of Light Silence is Being Substituted GLISTENING EXAMPLES
* V/A Tracks 2-3 Inuit: Fifty-Five Historical Recordings of Traditional Music from Greenland (1905-1987) SUB ROSA
Ian William Craig The Nearness Centres
Jason Lescaleet & Graham Lambkin Hotdog Harris or the Road of Rememberance Photographs
--- 11:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
Lawrence English Soft Fuse Kiri No Oto
Horse Lords Truthers Interventions
Lost Salt Blood Purges Oneiric Only The Youngest Graver
Bon Iver Michicant Bon Iver, Bon Iver Jagjaguwar
Jam City Proud Dream a Garden
Marisa Anderson Old Names/Red Sky Mercury
Loamlands Folk Hero Some Kind Of Light EP
* Boy Harsher A Realness Yr Body Is Nothing DKA
* Okkyung Lee & Christian Marclay excerpt Amalgam NORTHERN-SPY
* Singers and Players School Days Staggering Heights ON-U SOUND
* Unicorn Hard-On The Mystifying Oracle Dream Machine UNTERGANG INSTITUT
--- 10:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
* Minneapolis Uranium Club Who Made The Man "Who Made The Man" [7-inch] LUMPY RECORDS
Popol Vuh Spirit of Peace Part 1 In the Gardens of Pharao / Aguirre
Tujiko Noriko Penguin Make Me Hard
Julia Holter How Long? Have You In My Wilderness
Infinite Body Empyrean Avolition Isounderscore
Graham Lambkin Abersayne Abersayne/Attersayne
* Rodrigo Campos feat. Criolo Riberiao Desconstrucao: A Portrait of Sao Paulo's Musical Scene GOMA GRINGA DISCOS
* Radian pickup pickout On Dark Silent Off THRILL JOCKEY
* Thomas Brinkmann LED A 1000 Keys EDITIONS MEGO
* Misanthrope CA Remember the Fallen Hamptonites Deathbridge DIAL
START OF SHOW: Moonman SIGNED ON at 9:02 AM (12/9/16)
END OF SHOW: Dj Yiorgo SIGNED OFF at 9:00 AM (12/9/16)
The Dambuilders Lazy Eye Jailbreak '94 EastWest Records America
--- 9:00 AM BREAKPOINT ---
Crispy Ambulance Step Up! Scissorgun Darla Records
Pigeonhed Ain't It So Theme From Pigeonhed - Single Sub Pop
Camille Vertige > Au Port Le Fil Virgin Music
Volume 10 Sunbeams (Instrumental Remix) Sunbeams RCA
Marumari L'usine The Remixes Carpark Records
* Davidians Nutmeg City Trends SORRY STATE
* Brando's Island Duplicaat "Duplicaat/Natural Order" [7-inch] MILLION DOLLAR
* Yuseff Kamal Lowrider Black Focus BROWNSWOOD
Paul Weller From The Floorboards Up As Is Now Yep Roc *
XLNC Mere Yaar Ne R U Ready Multitone Records
* Regina Spektor Small Bill$ Remember Us To Life SIRE
Billy Joel Zanzibar 52nd Street Columbia *
* Suburban Homes I-Phone Suicide > Cul-De-Sac Are Bored EP TOTAL PUNK